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Consciousness In Upanishads Story-Osho
Osho discusses about the two aspects of consciousness as revealed through a metaphor or a story from the Upanishads.A short story in the Upanishads has it that two two birds were perched on a tree, one on the topmost branch, with ...
Consciousness In Upanishads Story Osho

Transcending Words
The mystics had gone beyond words, the ultimate state and taught the seekers to transcend words.A short Sufi story reveals the truth.Jalaluddin Rumi, the great Sufi mystic was the first to buy an old unlettered Sufi book which ...
The Light That Lights All!
Brihad-aranyaka Upanishad says that man has five lights that guide him. A short story from this Upanishad reveals the truth.A venerable sage who was wise once came to the court of King Janaka who was also wise.King Janaka who wanted to ...
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Brahman Light
Living in Freedom and Enquiry-Part III
Continued From Part II Passion for PossessionPassion is craving for possession. It is becoming possessive of the world around me. The world is mine as long as I do not possess it! But, the moment I start possessing it, it ...
Veda Vyasa - Part II
The Brahmasutras Continued From Part I When Vyasa had finished, he must have sat back and thought, "What have I done? Who is going to benefit from this book? May be only a handful of people in the whole ...
Veda Vyasa Brahmasutras Puranas Advaita
The Power Of The Brahman
All outward victory is due to the power of the Brahman or one's true self. A short story from Kenopanishad reveals the truth.Once the gods and the demons were engaged in a war in which the gods emerged winners. However ...
Veda Vyasa - Part I
The goal of life as declared by the discoverers of Truth was handed down from Guru to disciple in the distant days of known human history, and along the avenue of time the teaching descended from generation to generation. The torch ...
Veda Vyasa Vedas Upanishads
The Power Of Words In Romantic Relationships
The real power of words can hep, inspire, encourage and motivate individuals. And poorly chosen words can kill enthusiasm, impact self-esteem, lower expectations and hold back the aspirations of the people. Here is a new study that has found out ...
Shri Sai Satcharitra-Chapter-41-Part IV
Continued From Part IIIIn the after-noon, Baba sent for all and Deo also, and said that His words might have pained the old man (Deo) but as he committed the theft, He could not but speak out. Then Baba asked again ...
Chapter 41 Part
Religion Chastens Life
The goal which we aspire to reach and accomplish is to bring about an ardent Hindu awareness in the Hindus and to integrate their attitudes and efforts. To preach and teach the great thoughts of the Upanishads and the Gita is ...
Contribution Of Hinduism To Modern Day Management
The popular definition of management - art of getting things done through collective effort; asks the managers to bring about group dynamism and with the help of that dynamic group carry out the work. The science of management, therefore deals as ...
Hinduism Modern Management Vedanta
Aatmasuddhi and Lokasangraha
Aatmasuddhi and LokasangrahaOrdinarily, work means productivity. It employs lesser resources to generate more material wealth. It is bringing about a change in the ratio of forces in the environment. It provides better living and comforts to the worker and to the ...
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