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The Light That Lights All!

Brihad-aranyaka Upanishad says that man has five lights that guide him. A short story from this Upanishad reveals the truth.

A venerable sage who was wise once came to the court of King Janaka who was also wise.

King Janaka who wanted to seek some wise answers from the sage regarding the source of light, as in those days in India, there was no artificial source of light.

Revered Sir, said King Janaka, “What lights the man's path in this world? What is the real source of light?"

The sage said, “The sun of course, for with its light a man moves about and carries out his activities"

The king said, “Yes Sir, but when the sun sets, what is the source of light?"

The sage replied, “The Moon, O King for in the absence of sunlight, it is with the light of the moon does man moves about and goes about with his activities"

King Janaka queried further, “What is the source of light when the moon has also set?"

“The fire," replied the sage.

“True Sir," said Janaka. “But when the sun and the moon have set and the fire also gone out, what is the source of light?"

“The voice is one's light, for with the help of sound man can move about and carry out his activities," said the Sage.

Janaka then asked, “When the sun and the moon has set and the fire gone out and also the sound stopped, what is then the light that guides man,O venerable one?"

“'the Self' alone is one's light O King," said the sage.

The wise Janaka who had already known about ''the Self'' urged the Sage to speak more on it in order to enrich his spiritual knowledge.

“What is 'the Self'? O venerable one," asked Janaka.

“It is the inner light within the heart, the 'Knowing One' which sees the world of waking state and the world of dream. Also it is the seer of the deep-sleep state as well, where there is no seeing. In deep-sleep one does not know anything, but 'the Self' knows the fact that one is not aware of anything as there is no end to its knowing. It is eternal and there is no end to this 'Seer'

It is in the space within one's heart, the 'One controller' and the Master of all is. It is indestructible and that which does not get attached to anything. It is not bound and does no suffer or get injured. It is not affected by good and evil.

When one can clearly see this 'Self' as 'God', he has nothing to fear. This is the eternal 'Brahman' and one who knows this, realises himself as the fearless 'Brahman'!"

Story first published: Thursday, July 22, 2010, 17:37 [IST]
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