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Sita Navami 2022: Interesting Facts About Goddess Sita

Goddess Sita was Ayonija (not born out of a human womb). She was discovered while Janaka, the king of Mithila, was plowing the field of ritual, after the conclusion of a yagnya. She is also referred to as Bhoomija, the daughter of the earth, as she was born out of the womb of mother earth and is a very famous character in the Hindu mythological text Ramayana.

Her formative years were awe-inspiring, to say the least. Janaka had in his possession, the Pinaka, a divine bow of Lord Shiva, which was an heirloom of the Mithila regal lineage. She is known to have lifted the huge bow playfully with just her little finger.

Sita Navami 2022: Date And Time

This year in 2022, Sita Navami Is going to be celebrated with pomp and fervour, on 10th May on Vaishakh Shukla paksha on the Navami tithi. worshipping her on this day would ensure, for women, the longevity of their husbands and to imbibe the virtues of Sita.

Sita was known to have the courage to stand up for her ideals, contrary to how she is picturized in the Indian serials. She followed the path of conscience and questioned anything that came on her path of conscience. She did not cross her limits of true womanhood, in her attempt to assert her rights and raised her voice against the fallacies in the social system. She was chastity personified, but at the same time, she reflected wisdom and compassion. Her wisdom was not obscured by her emotionality and inbuilt value system.

Her perfection was inborn with respect to every characteristic. Sugriva was of the impression that Goddess Sita could not be stopped and daunted by the entire team of celestials and demons, such was her valour. She was so forgiving that the demonesses who had tortured her incessantly during her stay at Ashokavana were forgiven by her when the war came to an end. Due to Sita's anger toward Ravan, the gloom of doom had set in Lanka.

Sita Navami 2022: Sita's Origin

It is a widely known fact that Sita was an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi on earth. (She was the consort of Vishnu during all his earthly incarnations. When he was Rama, she was Sita. When he appeared as Krishna, she was Rukmini, and so on. she is Goddess Laxmi who has her permanent abode in Lord Vishnu's chest. Adbhut Ramayana says that Sita was the daughter of Mandodari and Ravana. Due to her mere glance and grace, Hanuman acquired siddhis and turned invincible. She has an abode that is referred to as Saket dhaam, which happens to be at the top of all spiritual realms or lokas. It is believed that it was her shadow that was taken away by Ravana to Ashoka Vana, as per Ramacharitmanas.

She was the mother nature in a womanly form, the essence of Lord Ram's colossal power, the creator of the entire cosmos, and beauty that surpassed the loveliness of the Moon herself. Brahma was vocal in his praise of Sita. He called her Pranava, which is nothing but the Omkara, the primordial sound with which the universe originated. Sita is the power of sustenance of the entire universe and the final destroyer. She is the first entity symbolized by Om. She was married to Bhagwan Sri Ram after he easily broke the Shiva Dhanush. She is also known to have killed Demons such as Sahastravan, the hundred-headed Ravan, and Mulakasura.

Sita Navami 2022: Sita's True Love

Bhagwan Sri Ram and Goddess Sita were deeply in love, which transcended the barriers of human communication. Their hearts spoke to each other, and she was commitment and dedication personified when it came to Lord Sri ram. He was the only one who occupied her world and stayed there for eternity. It was her indomitable will that made her follow Rama when they set foot into the forest in exile. She persuaded him to allow her to stay with him, through thick and thin, during their stay in the jungles, although she knew what was in store for her. Sita was a recognized scholar in the Devanagari language (Sanskrit).

Sita Navami 2022: Sita's Unparalleled Beauty

Sita is known to be an embodiment of grace, and perfection and is extremely beautiful. Vashista Maharshi said that Sita was capable to rule the world as she was Lord Rams Atma. (soul). Lord Rama, during an encounter with the Lanka King Ravana, emphatically stated that Sita could never be violated due to the aura of chastity pervading her. During the Lanka Dahan, due to Sita's will, the fire on hanuman's tail extinguished on its own and relieved him.

Sita was born with the best gifts of regal mystery, pristine purity, and divine spiritual wisdom. It would not appear fair to humanize her divine personality and bring it down to the level of understanding of commoners. However, to be able to follow in her footsteps, we need to perceive her as we know her best.

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