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Observe A Thursday Fast To Become Prosperous

गुरुवार को ये तीन उपाय बना देंगे सारे बिगड़े काम, होंगे जबरदस्त फायदे | Boldsky

Observe Thursday Fast To Become Prosperous

In the Hindu mythology, every day is dedicated to one God. Thursday is the day when Lord Brihaspati is worshiped. Guru, or Brihaspati, is the Indian name of the planet Jupiter. Lord Brihaspati is the lord of Jupiter.


According to the Hindu scriptures, to begin a fast, Shukla Paksh of the month, that is the brighter half, is the considered the best. This Thursday is the first Thursday of Shukla Paksh, you can start Thursday fasting from this one.

Thursday fasting is prescribed mainly for the ladies. Observing a fast on this day brings wealth and prosperity.

Here is the procedure given for a Thursday fasting

Puja Vidhi

Lord Brihaspati is worshiped on a Thursday fast. He is the lord of planet Jupiter. He is also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, the puja has to be performed before the idol of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahaspati.


The devotee must get up early before sunrise and take a bath. One must not wash hair or clothes on this day. Prepare a puja tray. Keep a dhoop, deep, gram dal, besan sweet, and banana in it.

Eating has to be done only once during the day. One must abstain from eating salt in any form. Only yellow foods such as those made of gram dal or gram flour should be eaten. This should not contain salt.

Vrat Katha For Thursday Fasting

Once there was a a wealthy family. They had all the luxuries of life, however, the lady did not like donating and giving away even a coin. Once a sage came to her and asked for alms, but the lady was too occupied in her household chores that she paid no attention and told the sage to come some other day. The sage went away, and came another day.

He again asked for alms but the lady said that she was serving food to her son and therefore had no time. She again asked him to come some other day. The sage again went off and came the third time.

This time too the lady was busy. So the sage asked her how it would be if she got a permanent leave from her busy life. The lady said it would be a good news to her if it so happens.

Hearing this, the sage gave her a list of instructions on performing of which she would get lots of free time. The instructions were as follows: get up after the sunrise and do not take a bath, do not wear yellow clothes, wash your hair on a Thursday, do not sweep the floor with yellow soil, ask the men in the house to get a haircut on a Thursday and wash clothes also on a Thursday. He told her to light the lamp before the deity only after the sun has set, and keep the cooked food behind the kitchen.

The lady followed the set of instructions and only a few weeks had passed that all her wealth was gone and there was no food in the house to eat.

After a few days, the sage came again and asked for alms. The lady had a lot of time but nothing to offer to the sage. Since now she had nothing to offer, she realized her mistake and asked for forgiveness.

The lady also asked for the remedy that would also get her wealth and prosperous days back.

As answer the sage told her to get up early on a Thursday, wipe the floor with yellow soil and cow dung, and light a lamp before the God right at the time of sunset and not later than that. Wear yellow clothes.

He also mentioned that the men in the house must not shave or get a haircut on this day. Also, the ladies should not wash their hair.

It had been only a few Thursdays since she started following the sage's orders that all her wealth started coming back to her and very soon the days of prosperity returned for them.

Story Two

While in the heaven Lord Indra had organized a meeting in his court. All the divine Gods and sages were present there. When Lord Brihaspati came, everybody stood in his respect but Lord Indra did not get up. Though he respected him a lot. But lord Brihaspati felt humiliated by this and went back without attending the meeting. Lord Indra repented and went to seek pardon from Brihaspati Dev.

But all in vain. Brihaspati ji, knowing that Indra was going to come, disappeared from there as well.

The head of the Asuras, Vrishvarma, who was clever enough tried to benefit out of the situation. He became powerful and started defeating Indra Dev. Indra Dev, confused with all this, approached Lord Brahma for help. Brahma Ji then advised him that he should accept a Brahmin son as his guru, as Lord Brihaspati was not there to support them. There was a Brahmin son, Vishvaroopa. Indra Dev made him his guru.

The demons came to know about this also, and they tried to deceive Vishvaroopa Brahmin while he was performing a yagna. Due to all this, the gods were not benefited with the holy yagna. Finally, when Lord Indra had no other option, Brahma ji came to him accompanying Lord Brihaspati. It was only then that Lord Brihaspati finally forgave Indra Dev and rescued them from the situation.

And peace was restored in the heaven.

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