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Parashuram Dwadashi Fast - 27th April, Friday
Lord Parashuram was the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Parashuram Dwadashi is the day when he had acquired the divine axe, Bhargavastra from Lord Shiva. He was a warrior sage who belonged to a Brahmin family. It is believed that he ...
Defeat Your Enemies By Worshipping This Deity
Do you often wish you could defeat all your enemies? Or that you had no enemy at all? Well, if yes, then you must worship the Sun God - the source of all energy. Sun is the biggest star and the ...
Defeat Your Enemies Worshipping This Deity
Observe A Thursday Fast To Become Prosperous
Observe Thursday Fast To Become Prosperous In the Hindu mythology, every day is dedicated to one God. Thursday is the day when Lord Brihaspati is worshiped. Guru, or Brihaspati, is the Indian name of the planet Jupiter. Lord Brihaspati is the ...
Observe A Thursday Fast To Become Prosperous
Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi
Ekadashi, in general, is a very auspicious day of fasting for the Hindu community. Ekadashi is nothing but the 11th day of every fortnight in a lunar-solar calendar. Each Ekadashi has a specific name and aim with which it is performed. ...
Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi
Vikata Sankashti Vrat/Chaturthi
Sankashti Vrat is a fast taken by the devotees of Lord Ganesha in the honor of their deity. It is one of the most important vrats in a year dedicated to Lord Ganapati. Every month, in the lunar calendar followed by ...
Kamada Ekadashi Vrat Katha
Fasting or the observance of Vrat is one of the many ways that brings us closer to the almighty. Vratas are a method through which we can set aside a day for the worship of the supreme power. The main aspects ...
Kamada Ekadashi Vrat Katha
Significance Of Bhauma Pradosh Vrat
As per the Hindu religion, the thirteenth day of every fortnight is celebrated as Pradosh. Pradosh, or the evening time of a day, is the favourite time of Lord Shiva. Observing the Pradosh Vrat is sure to help earn Lord Shiva's ...
The Dos And Don'ts On Akshaya Tritiya
Akshaya Tritiya is the most glorious and auspicious day in the luni-solar calendar that most of the Indians follow. Every year, it is celebrated in the month of Vaishakha, on the third day of the moon's growing phase. According to the ...
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