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friday fast Will Get All Your Desires Fulfilled

Friday, शुक्रवार व्रत विधि | Friday Vrat Puja Vidhi | Vaibhav laxmi, Santoshi Mata vrat | Boldsky

You may want to earn lots of wealth, or wishing for a baby, or even or want to learn all the books of the world or want to be known as a successful person, no need to go out and spend huge amounts for performing big pujas.

Worship Goddess Santoshi and observe a friday fast, all your wishes will be granted! Yes, Goddess Santoshi is really that good. As her name denotes, she is the Goddess of happiness. Worshiped throughout India in one form or the other, she is known for fulfilling any kind of a dream that you might be craving for.

Her fast is popular among females. Observe a fast on consistent 16 Fridays and get your wishes granted by this kind-hearted peace-loving deity.

Here is the procedure and the story for the fast of Goddess Santoshi.

Puja Vidhi

The devotee has to get up early and take a Brahma Snaan. Brahma Snaan is the one taken before sunrise. Prepare the puja tray. Offer her flowers, sugar, roasted chickpeas or gur-chana, a lamp lighted in ghee and incense. The provision is to observe 16 fasts, however, the devotee can keep doing the fasts until the wish is fulfilled.

Eating is to be done only once during the day. One must abstain from eating sour items and also from serving these to others.

At the time of Vrat Udyapan, eight boys have to be served food. Again, neither this food should contain any sour item, nor should the boys be allowed to eat that during the day. That is why, it is preferable if you can take the boys from the family only, or they can be your close relatives.

Vrat Katha

Long ago, there was an old lady. The lady had seven sons. While all the six sons were hardworking, the seventh one was lethargic and had no occupation. His mother used to serve fresh food to all six. But she always offered their leftovers to the seventh one. Once his wife came to know this and informed her husband about it. This seventh boy felt dejected and decided to leave the house in search of work.

Her husband who had gone to a far-off city, started working for a merchant. Very soon, the merchant, impressed by his good work made him his partner. He had now become a wealthy man. However, among the riches he had forgotten about his wife. He had no idea how she was being torturized.

On the other part of the scene, the wife was being badly tormented by the old lady and the other daughter in-laws. She would every day go to fetch the woods in the jungle, come till in the evening, and would then be offered the stale and leftover food.

While coming from the jungle, one day, when she felt tired, she stopped outside a temple to have rest. The temple was that of Goddess Santoshi. There, she came to know about the sixteen fasts of Goddess Santoshi. She then decided to observe the fasts and pray that her husband returns.

She started observing the fasts with all the devotion. Would get up early, offer the puja to the Goddess, and then leave for fetching woods.

Goddess Santoshi appeared before her husband in a dream. She told him about the plight of his wife and instructed him to go and live with her. He told Mother Goddess that it was not possible, since a lot of work was yet to be done.

Then, replied the Goddess that he should make preparations to leave the next day. Early morning, all his work would be completed, the account settled and he would then be able to leave. The man left the next day only.

When the man reached his home, he started living separately with his wife, now that they had become happy and prosperous and all their bad days had gone due to the blessings of the Goddess.

They organized the udyapan. However, the mother and the sister in-laws plotted against her. She had actually called their sons to attend the holy feast. But her sister in-laws instructed the boys strictly to ask for something sour.

The boys did the same and they asked for something sour to eat, but the lady denied. The boys then asked for money as instructed by their mothers. She agreed and gave them the money. The boys bought sour items from outside and ate that.

With this, Goddess Santoshi was annoyed and as a result the police caught her husband. The lady begged before the Goddess and asked why it so happened. Goddess told her the reason and said that she must do the udyapan again.

The lady organized the udyapan again and once again invited the boys for it. The boys again repeated the same thing but she denied and called Brahmin sons rather for the feast. The Brahmin sons ate the prasad peacefully, and the lady gave them fruits as prasad too.

This pleased the Goddess and her husband soon came back home. Goddess even blessed her with a boy child.

They started taking the boy every day to the Goddess temple. One day, the Goddess decided to test the devotion of her devotee. She took a scary, terrible form, face made of sugar and roasted gram, as the Goddess reached the door step, the old lady in the house was frightened and shouted aloud: "Look everybody, some wicked witch has entered our house, be cautious.''

The children in the house immediately closed all the doors and windows. But when her devotee saw this form of Goddess, she realized and told everybody that it was Devi Santoshi, the deity whom she had been worshiping since so many months.

Surprised by the news, all of them felt sorry and asked the Goddess to forgive them for their past mistakes and they fell at the feet of the Goddess.

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