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    Why Worshipping Hanuman Prevents The Negative Effects Of Shani

    By Subodini Menon

    Shani is a powerful planet among the Nava Grahas. There comes a time in almost every man's life where he has to face the effects of Shani. While most people associate Shani Dev with negative effects, the truth is that the results depend on various other factors and that he does not always give adverse effects alone. Sade Sati and Shani Maha Dasha are among the few times when the major effects of the planet Shani are faced by man.

    Why Worshipping Hanuman Prevents the Effects of Shani

    It would be wrong to say that the effects of Shani are always troublesome and bad. It all depends on the position of the planet Shani in the various houses in our birth chart. A bad position will put the person into a world of woes and a beneficial position can reward the person with endless bounty.

    It is common knowledge that if one has ill effects of Shani in his birth charts, all he needs to do is to pray to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is called Sankat Mochan because he relieves his devotees from all kinds of 'sankat', which is translated to troubles or problems. There are many stories that explain why Shani does not trouble the devotees of Lord Hanuman.


    Relation Between Lord Hanuman And Shani Dev

    Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev have a bond that not many people know about. Shani Dev is the son of Surya Bhagavan, the Sun God. They do not always look into each other's eyes and and often end up having arguments.
    Lord Hanuman, on the other hand, was the student of Surya Bhagawan. It is said that as a child, Lord Hanuman tried to catch and eat the sun, mistaking it for a ripe and delicious fruit.
    Scared, Surya Bhagawan approached Lord Indra who is the King of Gods. Lord Indra then attacked the child Lord Hanuman with his Vajrastra. It wounded the face of the child and this wound is the reason behind the name Hanuman.

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    Lord Hauman As The Student Of Surya Dev

    Though he was very powerful, Lord Hanuman was ever humble. He requested Surya Bhagawan to accept him as his student. Surya Bhagawan said that he was too busy, as he had to keep travelling in the skies the whole day.
    As a solution, Lord Hanuman started travelling in front of Surya Bhagawan's chariot, as it flew across the skies. He travelled backwards facing Surya Bhagawan, and he learnt everything from the Sun God himself.
    In spite of the completely different characters and a relatively frigid relationship, Shani Dev gave Lord Hanuman a boon that saves all of his devotees from the malefic effects of the planet. Let's now read about the two most popular stories which tell us how Lord Hanuman received the boon.


    Lord Hanuman Broke Shani Dev's Pride

    After finishing his education, Lord Hanuman asked Surya Bhagawan what he wanted as a Gurudakshina. Surya Bhagawan refused to take any Gurudakshina, but Lord Hanuman insisted. Surya Bhagawan then replied that Lord Hanuman must go and destroy the pride of his son, Shani Dev.
    Lord Hanuman then went to Shani Lok and asked Shani Dev to reform his ways. Shani Dev became furious at Hanuman and climbed on to Lord Hanuman's shoulders and applied all his efforts to influence him.
    But none of Shani Dev's acts caused any kind of a disturbance to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman then started to increase in size. And he became so large that Shani Dev was pinned against the roof and this caused him immense pain. Shani Dev's pride, which no one could escape from, broke. He apologized to Lord Hanuman and gave him a boon that none of Lord Hanuman's devotees would ever be affected by his powers.


    Shani Dev Was Rescued By Lord Hanuman

    When Ravana's son Meghnaad was about to be born, he wanted to make sure that no inauspicious planets appear in his birth charts. To do this, he kidnapped all the planets and made them his prisoners. Shani Dev was locked in a little room that didn't have windows. This was to make sure that Shani Dev wouldn't be even able to look at other people's faces.
    After many years, Lord Hanuman arrived at Lanka in search of Mata Sita. When Lord Hanuman burnt the whole city of gold, Shani Dev and the rest of the planets escaped. Shani Dev was grateful that Lord Hanuman had rescued him, but told him that now that he had seen Lord Hanuman's face, he would have to face a lot of troubles in life.
    Lord Hanuman asked Shani Dev what these hardships were; and Shani Dev replied that his effects would separate him from his wife and family. Lord Hanuman wasn't affected, as he didn't have a wife and family.
    Shani Dev then climbed on to Lord Hanuman's head. But Lord Hanuman used his head to fight the demons in Lanka. He blocked boulders and crushed rocks with his head. All this caused a lot of pain to Shani Dev. He got down from Lord Hanuman's head and blessed him with a boon.
    In both the cases, Shani Dev suffered from a lot of bodily pain. This is why, the Hindus believe that people who are troubled by Shani must offer to him some oil and sesame seeds. These things are supposed to ease Shani Dev's pain.

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