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What Are Topiaries?

Topiary was a late 16th-century English term that is sourced from the Greek word topos, place, and the Latin word topiarius, means ornamental gardener. Topiary is where the plants are pruned into a shape or form, they would not naturally grow in. It is the horticultural practice where in perennial plants are pruned by clipping the foliage and twigs shrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined fanciful or geometric shapes.

1. Ball Topiary

Artificial ball topiaries resemble different plants, and hence you have so many styles to choose from. Since they are very compact in size, they are very suitable for small apartments or any small space that does not allow much room for things.

2. Double Ball Topiary

These topiaries have two round plant shapes arranged one on the top of another, that are connected by branches. These artificial plants are best placed in the corners of the room or in entrance halls. They have a very sophisticated feel about themselves and are ideal to be showcased for store fronts.

3. Spiral Topiary

A spiral topiary is another very sophisticated style that are very tall in size and look very apt for rooms with high ceilings as well as outdoors in your front lawn or porch Opt for a double spiral or helix shape if you want it more unique.

4. Faux Tree Topiaries

Certain artificial topiaries are made to look tall like small trees, such as cedar that come with a rustic and natural look. They are low maintenance and have an understated charm which brings life into your room.

5. Cone Topiary
A cone topiary is a long and thin with a wide round base and pointed at the tip. They look good in spaces with high ceilings or outdoors. Geometric shape and size gives them a whimsical and modern feel.

6. Floral Topiary

Floral topiaries usually come in a ball shape, although they can be pruned in other shapes as well. They are eye catching with brightly coloured faux flowers that are very dramatic and bring a splash of colour to any neutral room.

7. Square/Hedge Topiaries

A square topiary has a bold, modern geometric look. You can also opt for a rectangular or hedge topiary, which are very good for outdoor use. Hedge topiaries are effective for creating a sense of privacy. Small hedge topiaries can also look very nice in window boxes.

8. Animal Topiary

you can add an artificial animal topiary to your home. that will last for a long time. Some popular options for animal topiaries include elephants, dogs, lions, and birds.. While animal topiaries are usually very large and are built for outdoor use, they can also be used indoors.

9. Hanging Topiary

Another fun addition to your home is a hanging topiary. These topiaries usually come in the form of hanging balls that can be hung from ceiling or wall. These topiaries add dimension to your space and are eminently suitable for small spaces like apartments.

Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2022, 3:50 [IST]
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