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    Why Lord Shiva Is Worshipped During Karthika Masam

    By Ajanta Sen

    Karthika Masam is considered to be one of the most promising months for all the Hindus. This month also brings in the winter season. The Karthika Masam generally coincides with October end to November beginning, which is the eighth month according to the Hindu calendar.

    Why Lord Shiva Is Worshipped During Karthika Masam

    The Hindus worship Lord Shiva during this month and they are required to follow certain rituals and customs throughout the entire month. Worshipping Lord Shiva during the Karthika Masam is considered to be very holy.

    Both followers of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu tend to perform all the rituals in a perfect manner, in order to please the Lords. During this month, devotees start flocking to the temples of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. However, here is why we Lord Shiva is worshipped during the Karthika Masam. 


    The Significance Of Somvar Vrat During Karthika Masam

    There are many people who follow a very important ritual during this month, which is referred to as the "Somwar Vrat". According to this ritual, it is necessary to fast on the Mondays in order to please Lord Shiva.

    Mostly this ritual is done by the people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The religious acts that are performed in the Karthika Masam provide results which are equivalent to going on a pilgrimage.


    Legend Of Karthika Masam

    The name of the month has been given Karthika because it is said that the Nakshatra named Karthika stays very close to the moon during this time period.

    Karthika Masam is the holiest month to please Lord Shiva and to do penance for all the sins committed.

    It is believed that the Tripura Asuras were killed by Lord Shiva and the world was saved. This happened on the day of the Karthika Purnima. This is why Lord Shiva is also referred to as Tripurari by his devotees and followers. It is also believed that the water from the Ganga starts entering into the ponds, well, canal, lakes, etc., in order to make them holy.

    Lord Shiva has many names, among which Someshwar or Som is very famous. This form of Lord Shiva is worshipped during the month.

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    Vaikuntha Chaturdashi

    One of the most holy days in the Karthika Masam is the Vaikuntha Chaturdashi. The Vaikuntha Chaturdashi is an auspicious day that is celebrated before the day of the Karthik Purnima. This day is extremely significant because the devotees can offer all their prayers together to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

    The devotees worship Lord Vishnu at midnight or nishitha, and they worship Lord Shiva at the break of the dawn, which is also known as Arunodaya. According to the Hindu legends,Lord Shiva had gifted Lord Vishnu Bael leaves, while Lord Vishnu had given Tulsi leaves to Lord Shiva.

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    The Significance Of Lighting Diyas In A Shiva Temple

    It is also believed that lighting diyas in the temple of Lord Shiva will bring good luck and prosperity to the devotees. There are many rituals followed by the people, like eating under the Amla tree helps to get rid of all the sins. Besides these, charity should be done, food should be eaten only once during the entire day, etc.


    Poli Swargam

    The very last day of this month holds a lot of importance as well. It is referred to as the Poli Swargam. Devotees place diyas in banana trunks and place them in rivers. There is no doubt to the fact that Karthika Masam is very holy. If all the rituals are followed properly, then they are blessed with health, wealth, and prosperity over the years. This is the holiest month to perform the prayers or the Sadhanas.

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