Best Time To Perform The Akshaya Tritiya Puja & Stories Related To It

By Debdatta Mazumder
Akshaya Tritiya 2018: अक्षय तृतीया पर कैसे करें व्रत और पूजा | Boldsky

"Akshaya" means 'everlasting'. There are several occasions in India that are celebrated with great pomp and show. Akshaya Tritiya, or Akha Teej, is one of the most sacred and pious occasions that is celebrated by not only the Hindus, but also Jains.

This is one such occasion that is celebrated in different states with a significance each. When talking about India, the only phrase that can describe the vast land is that it is the land of "unity in diversity".

When it comes to festivals, the truth of this phrase becomes vivid. Akshaya Tritiya is popularly known in different states by different names. It is known as Akti in Chattisgarh, while in Gujrat and Rajasthan, it is known as Akha Teej.

This is the holy day which falls on the third day of Shukla Paksha in the month Vaisakha, according to the Hindu lunar calendar. In this article, we have mentioned details on when is the best time to perform the Akshaya Tritiya pooja and also few of the stories mentioning its significance. Read on to know more.


The Best Mahurat of Akshaya Tritiya:

This year, ‘Tritiya' tithi begins from 03:45 AM (18th April 2018, Wednesday) to 1:29 AM (19th April 2018, Thursday).

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat = 05:56 to 12:20

Duration = 6 Hours 23 Mins


The Best Time For Puja

Though the duration of the tithi extends up to Saturday, the Puja Mahurat extends only up to 2 hours 6 minutes. It starts from 28th April at 10.29 AM to 12.36 PM the same day.


Birth Of Parashurama

While talking about the importance of Akshaya Tritiya, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is the birthday of Lord Parshurama. He is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu who made the world free from the unruly rulers for 21 times.


Beginning Of The Mahabharata:

It is believed that the Akshaya Tritiya was the pious day when Lord Ganesha started writing the Mahabharata at the dictation of Ved Vyas. As this day commences the beginning of such a vast and traditional document of India, it is definitely a pious and holy day.


Denotes The Pandavas’ Victory

There is another story related to Akshaya Tritiya and Mahabharata. It was the day of Akshaya Tritiya when the Pandavas found the celestial weapons under a tree, which helped them to win against the Kauravas in the War of Kurukshetra.


Day Of Kuber:

Akshaya Tritiya is such a pious day that it has been mentioned in several Puranas. According to the Shivpurana, this is the day when Lord Kuber received all of his wealth as the boon of Lord Shiva and also become the lord of wealth along with Goddess Lakshmi.


Significance Of Buying Gold:

Akshaya Tritiya is the day which is significant for people associated with business. This is the day also that is regarded as pious to buy gold and silver. It is believed that buying gold on the Akshaya Tritiya day signifies a new and prosperous year ahead.


Beginning Of A New Era:

According to Mythology, Akshaya Tritiya also denotes the beginning of the Treta Yuga or the Yuga of Lord Sri Ram. This was the era where people followed the path of ‘Dharma'.

Therefore, it is quite clear that beginning anything new on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya will only hail success and prosperity to your life.

While starting anything on this day, you get the blessing of the Almighty; and through the rituals of Japa, Dan-punya, Pitritarpan, etc., people can attain the ultimate peace.

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