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Karthika Masam 2019: Dates and Significance

By Ajanta Sen

Karthika Masam is reckoned as a promising month for the Hindus. Karthika Masam is observed as the eighth month of the Hindu calendar each year, as soon as the sun enters into the Scorpion sign. As per the Gregorian calendar, Karthika Masam coincides with the month of November.

Kartik 2019 began on Wednesday, 23 October and ends on Thursday, 21 November.

There are a number of customs and rituals that need to be followed throughout this month. The month is also known as Karthik maas, Kartik Maas or Kartik Masa as well.

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Both Lord Shiva And Lord Vishnu Are Worshipped

Karthik Maas or the Karthika Masam is auspicious to both, the followers of Lord Vishnu as well as Lord Shiva. During this period, the temples of Lord Shiva and Vishnu are flocked by thousands of devotees. During Karthika Masam, people from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh follow the "Karthik Somwar Vratam". During this month, on the Poornima day, the Kartik Nakshatra stays with the moon, therefore, giving the name "Karthika Masam" to this month, where Masam or maas is the Sanskrit word for month.


Someshwara Form Of Lord Shiva Significant

Lord Shiva is also known as "Soma" or "Someshwara". The Karthik Somwar Vratam is executed to please Lord Someshwara. Each Monday of the month is favourable to offer prayers to Lord Shiva and to perform the Abhishekam. In the Hindu religion, it is believed that Karthika Masam is the month when people can get deliverance from their sins by offering their prayers to Lord Shiva and Vishnu.


Various Reasons Behind The Auspiciousness Of The Month

  • It is believed that Lord Vishnu goes to sleep on the Ashadha Shukla Ekadashi and then awakens on the Karthika Shukla Ekadashi.
  • As per mythology, Lord Shiva killed the Tripurasuras on the Karthika Pournima and saved the world, hence, he is also famous as "Tripurhari".
  • It is only in the Karthika Masam that the River Ganga enters into each and every pond, river, well and canal to make them sacred.
  • People take the Ayyappa Deeksha during the month of Karthika Masam which continues up to the Makar Sankranti (January 14) day.

The Practices Performed During The Karthika Masam

Some important rituals are followed during the month, in order to get the benefits of this sacred month. The very first thing you must do is to wake up before the crack of dawn, i.e., at the "Brahma Muhurtha". Next, bathe in a holy river. Offer naivedyam at home and go to the temples on each Monday to offer Puja. Read aloud each chapter from the Karthika Puranam each day, throughout the month. Light the sacred diyas every morning and evening. Eat vegetarian food for the whole month and take your meal only once in the entire day. Do charity and help the needy. Perform Japa every day. On the Karthika Purnima, it is known to be good to light diyas in a Shiva Temple. The last day of the Karthika Masam is also very promising and is known as the "Poli Swargam", which is the day of Amavasya. On this day, take 31 wicks and light the diyas on a trunk of banana and place it in the river.

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Significance Of Karthika Masam

There is a tremendous significance of Karthika Masam. If you follow the rituals of Karthika Masam, your life will be disciplined and you will also learn about the social values. It is as per these ethics that the old Hindu scriptures have been written. The rituals of Karthika Masam include bathing before the dawn near the lakes or rivers. Besides the spiritual significance of the month, there are some other benefits as well. One of the many Karthika Masam rituals also includes bathing in cold water, which helps you fight the cold during the winter months. Karthika Masam rituals also help you to understand about water pollution and well-being. One of the rituals also includes charity, which teaches you how to be benevolent towards the needy people.