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Sawan 2020: What Not To Eat During This Month

The month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Most people observe fast during the whole month while others only stick to vegetarian foods during this time. Hinduism prescribes that one should abstain from eating non-vegetarian and a few vegetarian food items as well during this holy month of Shravan. In North India, it starts from today and it is called as Sawan Month. In South India, it starts from 21 July and it is called as Shravana Masa in Karnataka, Shravana Masam in Telugu.

People often associate this practice of vegetarianism and abstaining from the non-vegetarian foods with worshipping Lord Shiva. It is believed that one who observes vegetarianism and fasts during the holy month of Shravan, he/she receives the blessings of Lord Shiva. The Lord fulfils all his/her desires.


However, there are also a few scientific reasons for taking to vegetarianism during the Shravan month. Interestingly, apart from the non-vegetarian food items, there are also a few vegetarian foods which you must not eat during Shravan.

A Hindu is supposed to eat only Sattvic food for the whole month. So, apart from non-vegetarian food, take a look at the other food items which you should not eat during Shravan.


Leafy Vegetables

Usually, leafy vegetables are considered good for one' s health. But the Hindu scriptures say that if one wants to reap full benefits of the Shravan month then he/she should not eat leafy vegetables during the month. Scientifically, the leafy vegetables during the time of monsoon have an excess of elements which increases the quantity of bile in our body. Apart from that the leafy vegetables at this time are infested with a lot of insects and germs. This can cause a great deal of health problems. That is the reason why scriptures have prescribed that leafy vegetables should not be eaten during the time of Shravan.



After leafy greens, brinjal is also one of the vegetables which is not considered to be a great food for the monsoon. The scriptures say that brinjal is an impure food item. That is why people who observe fast during the month of Kartik do not eat brinjals. Scientifically, brinjal is usually infested with a lot of insects and that is why it is not safe for us to eat it during Shravan.



According to Ayurveda, drinking milk during this time of the season only increases the amount of bile in the body. If one wants to consume milk, then it should be boiled properly before consuming. Raw milk should not be consumed under any circumstance. It can be made into curd and consumed during Shravan.


Onions & Garlic

Hinduism does not consider onions and garlic as a part of Sattvic food. It is believed that the nectar which fell off on ground, when Lord Vishnu cut off Rahu and Kethu's head, onions and garlic originated from that nectar. Therefore it is believed that one who consumes onions and garlic, has the contaminated intelligence like the demons. Scientifically, onions and garlic generate heat in the body which gives rise to a number of diseases in the human body. Therefore people are exempted from eating onions and garlic during Shravan.



Drinking liquor is a taboo in Hinduism. People are exempted from drinking during Shravan month because liquor is considered a Tamasic item. It creates negative energy in a person and makes him/her lose his consciousness. It also creates the desires of lust and greed in a person which is considered as evil. Therefore one should exempt from drinking liquor during Shravan.


Non Vegetarian Foods

Hindus believe that meat during this month has more chances of being infected. So it is better to avoid meat. Shravan in mythological terms is the month of love and romance. Practically it is the breeding season for most of the animals. Fishing during this time is prohibited by Hindu laws as the female fish have eggs in their stomach. It is a sin to kill animals when they are pregnant or hatching eggs. That is why Hindus avoid meat and fish during this month.

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