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Meditation Diet That Helps You To Meditate Better

We have heard that Physical exercises require a strict diet regimen, before and after workout foods, to assist us achieve the optimum weight and fitness that we desire. Meditation is a mental exercise which also has specific dietary restrictions, which if followed, enhance the quality of our meditation sessions.
Your brain is the only muscle that needs to work here, but it requires a conducive situation to practice meditation. Eat more fresh fruits and green vegetables: Include high fiber foods in your diet
See that you are well hydrated for the entire day. Have two liters of water daily. Skip carbonated beverages and replace them with fruit juices. Full stomach makes it exceedingly difficult to focus on the desired object mentally.

What to Eat Before Meditation

1. Sattvic diet is highly conducive for meditation practice. You must wait for two and a half hours to begin your meditation if you have just then consumed a heavy meal. Consuming heavy meals will make your effort sluggish. Orange juice and ground nuts can be had before your start the meditation if you are feeling very hungry before the practice or consider eating an apple with a green smoothie or a protein shake.
2. In case you consume very light food, you must wait for an hour or so before you begin your practice. It is ideal to practice meditation on an empty stomach which should not be fully empty which means you can have a cup of juice and begin the meditation. After you complete the routine, wait for 20-30 minutes and consume a light snack.

What to Avoid Before Meditation:

1. Coffee: Caffeine can give you a temporary elation, and energy, but it releases adrenaline that keeps your thoughts scattered and not focused in place. It also makes your mind jittery,
2. Avoid taking heavy meat-based foods as meat and meditation cannot make an appetizing combination.
3. Sugary foods are known to impair your cognitive abilities. Avoid foods including snacks, cakes, cookies, that are bad for your brain. Avoid pastries or other sweets before meditation as these can cloud your brain and make you crave for more sweets and hence interrupt your meditation practice and focus.

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