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Great Ways To Celebrate Ugadi Festival

By: Debdatta Mazumder

The celebration of welcoming New Year according to the Hindu calendar is known as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

This is celebrated with pomp and vigour. In your busy life, these festivals can bring a touch of cool air and make you feel more energised to perform better.

Ugadi is the festival of welcoming anything new in your life. How to celebrate Ugadi? Different people follow different styles of celebrating this festival.

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There are some great ways to celebrate Ugadi. This festival has certain rituals that are fun to perform. The chants, hymns and pujas make you so involved with the spirit of the day that you feel positive from the bottom of your heart.

After all, the occasion says it too. It tells you to eliminate all your ragged and patched emotions and fill your life with the new rays of hope and aspiration. You must have seen people buy new clothes during Ugadi. That is just the symbolism of this thought.

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So, this year, how to celebrate Ugadi? Are you going to hang out with your friends or attend a family get together after a long time? Whatever you do, the ultimate thing is to have fun by maintaining the true spirit of the festival, right?

So, start your day with the traditional Ugadi celebration, take blessings from your elders and follow some great ways to celebrate Ugadi. Here are some tips on how to celebrate Ugadi, have a look.


Make Cards

On this auspicious day, you definitely wish each other ‘Happy Ugadi'. Why not make your wish special by making cards for your dear ones? With creative designs and colours, make lovely cards and surprise them while wishing. Use the colour green, draw mango leaves and use glitter.


Rangoli Is A Must

This is one of the great ways to celebrate Ugadi. Clean the front yard or the drawing room of your house and start playing with colours. Draw flowers, paisleys and other designs and fill those with whatever colour you want to. Your room will look wonderful.


Plant A Sapling

You should make your kids learn the significance of Ugadi. This is the festival of agriculture. One crop is harvested and another new crop is sown. To teach your kid this traditional value, involve him/her in planting seeds or saplings at your yard. They'll love to do so.


Special Dish

A festival without any special dish is just not done. Bevu Bella is the most common dish that people have on Ugadi. You can also prepare golden murukku, rava pulihora, paala munjalu, bellam parannam and lots of yummy dishes. You won't find more interesting and great ways to celebrate Ugadi than this.


Have A Special Lunch

Maybe you haven't gone for any lunch or dinner for a long time with your family. Ugadi can give you the chance. Grab it and book tables in a restaurant for your family and friends. Make it fast, as the restaurants face maximum crowd this time.


Visiting Temples:

Yes, you can do this one too. If you don't arrange puja at your house, you can visit the nearest temple and offer puja there and have blessings. You can commence the festivity by visiting a temple first thing in the morning.

These are some of the great ways to celebrate Ugadi. You can have fun with lots of other things too. Whatever you do, do it with fun and blessings.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 22:30 [IST]
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