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Significance Of Bevu Bella For Ugadi

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Ugadi is the celebration of Hindu New Year in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This is celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.

As this is the New Year, according to the Hindu Calender, it is celebrated in different names in several parts of India. Every festival has its own significance and customs.

If you know these importances behind the rituals of festivals, the enjoyment of celebrating the occasion can be doubled.

Do you know the significance of Bevu Bella for Ugadi? Bevu Bella (in Karnataka) or Ugadi Pachadi (in Andhra Pradesh) is a special recipe that is eaten in these states on Ugadi. Ugadi starts at 4.30 a.m. with the old women singing hymns and chanting mantras.

Then, comes the ritual of oil bath. Bevu Bella is eaten on this day as a must-have food. What is it actually? People have jaggery and neem together along with other four ingredients.

This is a paste made of jaggery, neem, raw mango, pepper, salt and tamarind juice. Why only these ingredients? There must be some significance of Bevu Bella for Ugadi.

Do you know what jaggery and neem leaves signify in Ugadi? What are the meanings of other ingredients? Actually, Ugadi is celebrated to welcome New Year, which will bring abundance, prosperity and happiness to your life.

Besides, the Bevu Bella stands for 6 emotions of the human life, which are believed to be guiding principals of the human life. Have a look at what jaggery and neem leaves signify in Ugadi.


6 Tastes-6 Emotions:

The ingredients of Bevu Bella are of 6 different tastes. Each of these tastes symbolize the ups and downs of your life. It signifies that may the occasion bring new days to you; however, human life is full of these emotions that show us the right path of life.


Neem Leaves Signify Sadness:

When you think what jaggery and neem leaves signify in Ugadi, you must know that neem leaves stand for bitterness in life. Human life cannot be a happy ride. You have to accept the bitterness of life present around you.


Jaggery Signifies Sweetness:

This is definitely an important significance of Bevu Bella for Ugadi. No matter what comes in your life, if you accept everything with a smiling face, the problems will seem easier. Jaggery in Bevu Bella signifies only that.


Pepper Signifies Anger:

Every human being has anger as one of his/her guiding emotions. Some know how to control it, whereas others misuse their emotions. In Ugadi, swallow your anger in the form of pepper and start your life anew.


Salt Signifies Fear

What is the other significance of Bevu Bella for Ugadi? Do you know salt symbolises fear? Yes, it is the fear that can prevent you from committing blunders while it is the fear only that can hold you back from achieving something new. So, it is up to you on how you're going to use it.


Tamarind Signifies Disgust:

The sour taste of tamarind symbolises disgust in your life. If you know how to control it, you will be more attentive and focussed in your life and can achieve your goals more easily.


Mango Signifies Surprise:

This is last but not the least significance of Bevu Bella for Ugadi. You can go through all emotional phases, but without a little surprise in life, you don't get the spark of being alive. As raw mango in Bevu Bella gives you a tangy taste suddenly, the surprises of your life should keep charging you on to attempt new things.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 16:02 [IST]
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