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7 Awesome Pooja Room Designs

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Pooja rooms or prayer rooms are as essential as a kitchen or a bedroom in an Indian home. The pooja room is a sacred space of worship and prayer; it is a place where we conduct rituals to show honour and reverence to our gods.

Pooja rooms are considered highly auspicious as they bring positive energy to a home and its inhabitants.

Vastu Tips To Decorate Puja Room

The pooja ghar or altar is established with idols of deities and adorned with fragrant flowers, oil lamps, and bells. We chant mantras and prayers, light up incenses and lamps, creating an oasis of calm where we join our hands in prayer to the gods in which our faith lies.

This article features various types of pooja room and pooja ghar designs which will suit every Indian household, small and big. Space constraints and budget constraints have been taken into consideration here.

How To Keep Idols In Pooja Room

We will also discuss some vaastu shastra tips for the pooja room. Let's have a look at these 7 beautiful pooja room designs, shall we?


Contemporary Pooja Room Design

This contemporary pooja room design place an emphasis on clean, straight lines. The pooja area is well-defined and boxed in to create a niche space for prayer. This design can be integrated into a living space or into a separate room, depending on space availability.

The neutral coloured tiles contrast with the dark wooden borders and stairs to create an eye-catching space. The tiles in the background are also practical as they can be easily cleaned.

Image Courtesy: Hasta Architects/


An Artistic Pooja Room

This artistic pooja room is dominated by the colours white and yellow, two auspicious colours that are highly recommended for a pooja room. A beautiful wall mural depicting Krishna makes this room come alive, while the elegant jali or latticed screens in the wall and door creates a classic design typical of Indian architecture.

Image Courtesy: The Orange Lane/


Pooja Corner In The Bedroom

A simple pooja corner is created in the bedroom with this small cabinet. Two floating drawers support the structure and the glass shelves, giving us sufficient space to place pictures and idols of our deities. The white altar is embellished with svastikas and tiny bells.
As per vaastu shastra, when integrating a pooja corner into the bedroom, ensure that the foot of your bed is not directly facing the pooja corner.

Image Courtesy: Instinct Designs/


A Sacred Platform For Prayer

This platform for prayer is designed to be incorporated into the main living area or dining area. Pooja rooms are auspicious, and spreds positive vibes throughout the house, hence it is not surprising that many people choose to make it the sacred center of their home.

The wooden platform on the floor creates a niche space where one can sit on the floor to pray or kneel in worship. In essence, the use of wood in the pooja room design seems to speak about staying grounded in spirituality, and is humble yet elegant.

Image Courtesy: Neeras Design Studio/


Elegant Pooja Room Design

Intricately carved white marble cladding on the wall combined with wood give this pooja room its elegance and charm.

According to vaastu shastra, the best place for a pooja area is the north-east, while east and west are second best locations. Most importantly, the pooja area should never be placed near the bathroom.

Image Courtesy: Hasta Architects/


Wooden Pooja Room Design

A marble stone step adds luxury to this beautiful pooja room, while the shiny white wallpaper with delicate pattern evokes serenity and calm. Large windows at the side allow plenty of natural light into the room, and the wood gives the pooja room an earthy vibe.

Image Courtesy: Hasta Architects/


Graceful Pooja Room Design

This three-tiered altar is enhanced by soft lighting and an elegant white latticed screen, making this pooja space glow with sheer gracefulness. The latticed screen is perfect for hanging pictures and other ornaments suitable for the pooja ghar.

We hope you've enjoyed browsing through these beautiful pooja room designs.

Image Courtesy: Drashtikon Designer Consultant/

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