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Why Hindu Women Wear Mangalsutra


A Hindu married woman is supposed to wear a lot of ornaments to symbolise that she is married. Earrings, toe rings, bangles, mangalsutra etc. are some of the ornaments which have to be worn by every Hindu married woman. Of all these, the Mangalsutra is the most essential ornament which is to be worn compulsorily and women are not supposed to take it off under any circumstance.

The word Mangalsutra is derived from two words 'Mangal' which means auspicious and 'Sutra' which means thread. This sacred thread is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom at the time of marriage. The ceremony of tying the Mangalsutra is known as Mangalyadharanam which means wearing the auspicious. By tying the Mangalsutra around her neck, the groom gives his bride the status of being his wife. After this the woman is supposed to wear the Mangalsutra as a sign of being married, love, goodwill of her husband and prosperity of the family she is married into.

This custom may sound a little strange but there are many religious and scientific implications of wearing the Mangalsutra. Let us find out why married women wear the Mangalsutra.

Significance of Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is not an ordinary ornament. It is known as Thaali, Mangalyam, Pustelu and various other names in different parts of India. But the significance of this ornament remains the same everywhere. A Mangalsutra is a mark of respect, love and dignity which is presented to the wife by her husband.

The Mangalsutra is a symbolic representation of the divine deities which is Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. As per scripture of the Mangalsutra, the gold part represents Parvati and the black beads which holds the gold represents Lord Shiva. Gold is a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Hence, it is believed that if a woman wears the Mangalsutra, she brings happiness and prosperity in the family.

According to scriptures, the Mangalsutra attracts a lot of positive and divine energy. In a Mangalsutra the two golden cups are hollow from one side and is raised on the other side. The Mangalsutra is worn with the hollow side facing the body so that the positive energies are attracted towards the void of the cups. This helps to keep the body and mind healthy.

By wearing the Mangalsutra, the woman gains energy and power. It connects the body to the divine Shakti which resides in the body in the form of an element, fire. This gives the woman the energy to take care of the entire family and well-being of each member.

So, Mangalsutra is not just an ornament or a symbol of being married. It is also a device which empowers Hindu married women to look after their family and staying healthy as well.

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