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Is Santa Claus Real?

By Super
Santa Claus is the most celebrated Christmas figure. But many of us are intrigued if Santa Claus is real.
Christmas and Santa Claus go together.

History states that the philanthropic St.Nicholas, who was born in 280 AD, later came to be hailed as Santa Claus. He was a happy and hearty old man who reveled in distributing gifts. He loved children and many miracles are attributed to him. Hence it can be claimed that Santa Claus is not a figure etched out of imagination.

It is customary of surprising family and friends with gifts in the name of Santa Claus. Though one is aware of who the giver is, one cannot help but try to rationalise, 'Is Santa Claus real?'

Our mind speculates, that may be from the point of history, Santa Claus is real, but does he exist even now? Does he go about joyfully distributing gifts even now is the question.

To know if Santa Claus is real, one will have to delve into the implied symbolism rather than trying to deem in the relative sense.

Santa Claus is real in the sense when his spirit of giving is celebrated during Christmas, ages after St.Nicholas's death on December 6th . The love and joy that he exuded and his selflessness is still celebrated, with the love and joy and the selflessness brimming the hearts during Christmas. Whether one is a believer or not, if love and joy and the spirit of giving is celebrated, Santa Claus is then real.

So is Santa Claus real? Yes as long as unconditional love, pure joy and the attitude of giving thrives in us. The significance of Santa Clause lives forever.

Let us celebrate Christmas 2010 with the right spirit.

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