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Santa Claus

Who Is Saint Nicholas In Christianity?
Saint Nicholas was a Bishop who lived in the fourth century AD in a place called Myra in Asia Minor, which is now commonly known as Turkey. Saint Nicholas was a very rich man who inherited most of his parents money, ...
Why Is Santa Claus Called 'Santa Claus'?
Christmas celebration calls for its integral aspect, rather a personality Santa Claus. We are intrigued about Santa Claus, whether he is real, the significance of Santa, why Santa Claus wears red, why Santa comes down the chimney etc. But do ...
Why Is Santa Claus Called Santa Claus
Why Does Santa Claus Wear Red?
Why does Santa Claus wear red? Well it is an intriguing question especially during Christmas. A beautiful Christmas story unveils, to reveal the truth. Perhaps you could answer your child when you are questioned.It is a known fact that Saint Nicholas ...
Christmas Wishes – Make The Best Wish
The village of Rovaniemi in Finland, gets millions of visitors from across the world, who come in the search of Santa Claus. It is believed that Santa receives tons of letters. He fulfills each ones wishes and stuffs his sleigh with ...
Christmas Wishes
Why Santa Claus Comes Down The Chimney?
The anticipation for gifts is an aspect of the Christmas spirit, across the world. A gift from Santa is the wish of all children during Christmas season. There is a popular belief that Santa visit children by climbing down into the ...
Is Santa Claus Real?
Santa Claus is the most celebrated Christmas figure. But many of us are intrigued if Santa Claus is real.Christmas and Santa Claus go together. History states that the philanthropic St.Nicholas, who was born in 280 AD, later came to be hailed ...
Is Santa Clause Real
Santa Claus-Significance
Santa Claus simply jumps into your mind at the very thought of Christmas. Being an integral part of Christmas, it is ideal to be aware of the significance the aspects of Santa Claus, the most celebrated Christmas figure. It is ...
Mariah Carey Spreads Holiday Cheer To Underprivileged Kids
Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon organized a holiday party for 35 underprivileged children at a rented Aspen Recreation Centre in Colorado.She had rented out the city owned Aspen Recreation Centre for four hours at 1000 dollar an hour.The kids enjoyed ...
Mariah Carey Underprivileged Children
''Secret Santa'' Surprises With 100$ US Bill
Secret Santa surprises some in Portland, Maine with a 100 dollar US Bill.Well those who do not come to terms with the existence of Santa Claus, an anonymous man dressed as a Christmas Father handed out 11,300 dollars to shoppers outside ...
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