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Why Does Santa Claus Wear Red?

By Super
Why does Santa Claus wear red? Well it is an intriguing question especially during Christmas. A beautiful Christmas story unveils, to reveal the truth. Perhaps you could answer your child when you are questioned.

It is a known fact that Saint Nicholas came to be known as Santa Claus. Squire Kenson, the richest man in the village once visited Saint Nicholas to place an order to have a new chest of drawers made. He rode on a shiny red sleigh, with silver bells tinkling, drawn by rein deers. Saint Nicholas took an instant liking to Squire Kenson's arrived. Further more he could not hold his gaze which strayed over the red robe, made of red deerskin with soft white ermine fur around the collar and cuffs.

The next day Saint Nicholas made his way to Mrs Arpen, a widow and a dress maker in the village and described his longing for a red suit like Squire Kenson's. However he confessed that he cannot afford a deer skin. Mrs Arpen came with an alternative that she would have the weaver weave the required cloth and have it dyed in red for the suit and rabbit skin for the collars and cuffs.

St Nicholas could not contain his joy when he saw his desired red robe. However it turned out to be big. He comforted the disappointed MrsArpen, that he would grow big enough to fit into it perfectly.

Soon the villagers got used to Saint Nicholas wearing his red robe. With time, he even grew big with his chest filled out, and tummy popping out, and cheeks puffing up, to fit perfectly into his lovely red robe.

So you could answer your child, with this little story about Santa Claus' outfit, when he asks, “Why does Santa Claus wear red?"

It is also said that Santa Claus was first depicted in green and purple robes. The modern version of Santa Claus wearing red was first caricatured by Thomas Nast, a German born American caricaturist and cartoonist. Coco Cola then used Santa Claus in red as a marketing tool.

Thus the Christmas story behind Santa Claus outfit and the answer for the intriguing question, “Why does Santa Claus wear red?"

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