Through The Prism Of The Mind

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The Mind
One sees through the prism of his mind. His views depend on his mental make up.

An ascetic sat by the road, under a tree, in Samadhi.

A passerby came by and thought the ascetic to be a drunkard as he was shaking a little.

Another man thought him to be happy. He thought, “He looks happy. May be he is awaiting his beloved to come"

The third man showed up at dusk, and thought looking at the shadowy figure, “He must be a thief. Let me change my path"

In the extension of the dusk, the fourth passerby, who was an advanced spiritual seeker, could make out a halo around the ascetic's head. He thought, “Oh! He must be an enlightened person.

The mind is thus reflected in one's views.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 17:43 [IST]
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