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A short story on Advaita- Experiencing Oneness

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Short Story, Advaita
Experiencing oneness lends a natural sweetness to life. An ancient story based on the principle of Advaita, reveals the essence of oneness.

King Janaka, a ruler of acclaimed wisdom, saw perfect harmony in everything, though living amidst thick of activities.

One day a person named Sukabrahman visited the court of Janaka seeking spiritual advice.

King Janaka questioned thus: “What did you see on the way?"

Sukabrahman answered, “I saw, houses made of sugar, streets made of sugar and animals made of sugar. As I approached, I saw your palace made of sugar and as I stand in front of you here, I see you made of sugar and me also made of sugar!"

King Janaka laughed and said, “There is nothing more that you should be knowing. You are a wise person. You are a ripe soul and you do not need any teaching. You are an epitome of true wisdom and knowledge"

Experiencing oneness, the essence of Advaita is true wisdom. This short story portrays the truth that understanding the same essence in all, strikes the chord of perfect harmony which, extends a natural sweetness to life.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 11:15 [IST]
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