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Analogy Examples Of The Hindu Spiritual Teaching
Pointers to truth encapsulate profound teachings in them. The bare truth is sugar coated for easy digestibility, to carry the truth home. Advaita Vedanta or non duality states that there is a non dual oneness which is the essence of all ...
Analogy Examples Hindu Spiritual

A short story on Advaita- Experiencing Oneness
Experiencing oneness lends a natural sweetness to life. An ancient story based on the principle of Advaita, reveals the essence of oneness. King Janaka, a ruler of acclaimed wisdom, saw perfect harmony in everything, though living amidst thick of ...
Ram Navami-Lord Rama Really Born?
Ram Navami, heralds the birth of Lord Rama. Was Rama really born? It is a 'Yes' and is a 'No' as well.The Hindu festival Ram Navami is observed across the country, celebrating their endearing Rama, His righteousness and His adherence to ...
Ram Navami Rama Born 120411 Aid
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Spiritual Sayings
Continued from the previous part-Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Self EnquiryThis part of Ramana Maharshi's biography deals with His spiritual spiritual sayings on different spiritual aspects.What the Maharshi taught was pure Advaita with stress on Brahman, the Knower or the Self, than on Maya. ...
The Highest Truth-Part II
Remove the MindThe projecting, conditioned mind is to be destroyed, annihilated, and transcended. If the mind is to be exhausted, the various spiritual disciplines (sadhana) that have been prescribed have to be followed. The process by which the mind ...
Brahman True Nature No Mind
Veda Vyasa - Part II
The Brahmasutras Continued From Part I When Vyasa had finished, he must have sat back and thought, "What have I done? Who is going to benefit from this book? May be only a handful of people in the whole ...
Shri Sai Satcharitra-Chapter 39-Part III
Continued From The Second PartShirdi Saibaba began to explain to Nanasaheb Chandorkar-(1) It is not enough merely to prostrate before the Jnanis. We must make Sarvaswa Sharangati (complete surrender) to the Sad-guru.(2) Mere questioning is not enough. The question must ...
Chapter 39 Part
Let Us Be Gods-Part V
Continued From The First Page You will be astonished to learn that even many philosophers have taken the view that this wrong perception is true knowledge. And then they try, on the basis of accepting this as true, to somehow ...
Let Us Be Gods
My subject this morning is 'Let Us Be Gods'—with a capital G. Of course, you are not surprised at the title of my lecture, because most of you know that one of the fundamental teachings of our philosophy, ...
God Nirvikalpa Samadhi Advaita Vedanta
God, The Pure Spirit
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the great master was the one who revived the belief in idol worship when it was dwindling with people embracing Christianity and atheism. His life itself affirms the belief in idol worship that was beginning ...
The Advaitic Meaning In The Ramayana (Conclusion)
Sita disappearing When Rama regains Sita after having destroyed extroversions, the mind that is no longer extrovert is no mind at all. It (Sita) has to disappear. Without Sita, Rama cannot bring about "Rama-Rajya'. He can ...
Ramayana Advaitic Meaning Rama Rajya
The Advaitic Meaning In The Ramayana (Vali)
Success of Spirit the Vali episode The spiritual essence in man can kill and destroy Ravan, the ten headed monstrosity of extroversions. It can do it with the army of monkeys. An educated man reading this should ...
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