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Ram Navami-Lord Rama Really Born?

By Super

Ram Navami, heralds the birth of Lord Rama. Was Rama really born? It is a 'Yes' and is a 'No' as well.

The Hindu festival Ram Navami is observed across the country, celebrating their endearing Rama, His righteousness and His adherence to morals at all occasions and times.

To the ones who closely follow the codes of religion, Lord Rama is more than a deity, the eternal power. Ram Navami is thus followed by them with great religious fervour. They firmly believe in the birth of Rama as a true occurrence. Ram Navami for the religious calls for the rekindling of Dharma or righteousness. Rama is celebrated as the epitome of righteousness. While Ramayana heralds Dharma, it also advocates the principle of Advaita as its underlying essence.

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For an Advaitin, Lord Rama is never born. He simply is as the very existence, as reality, as the supreme truth. He is the Atman, residing as the very self , the very essence of all that is manifested. There is neither birth nor death for Him. To him, Lord Rama in mythology, is the manifestation of the supreme Atman. The very Atman manifested with a form. The form of Rama is as endearing to the Advaitin as to the religious, some of whom, who do not have an understanding of the underlying essence of Ram Navami.

The formless self or Atman and the manifest are inseparable like that of the wood and the form of a carved elephant. Hence the Advaitin also celebrates the form of Rama and rejoices on Ram Navami.

In the name Rama, 'Ra' refers to the Atma and 'Ma' refers to the mind. The very name of Rama pronounces Advaita or non-duality. It carries the essence of Advaita philosophy, the merging of the mind with its source, the Atma. Thus when the individual mind merges with its source (Rama or Atman), all that exists is Rama. All manifested forms are Rama. Hence such a merging is the birth of Rama, or what it is termed as Self realisation. As for the enlightened, Rama is always the birth-less and deathless reality.

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