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The Heart Decides-A Short Story By Osho

Osho Story
The heart differs from the mind. The mind is superficial, the circumference, while the heart is the centre, the core. Intellect does not find a place in the heart. Certain things spontaneously arise from the heart, where the mind cannot fathom the reason.

A short story, a Sufi story narrated by Osho on Laila and Majnu conveys the truth.

The story of Laila and Majnu is known to everybody, but the fact that Laila was not beautiful is new to many.

Majnu who hailed from a poor family fell in love with Laila with aristocratic roots. He was desperately trying to reach out to her and was continuously praying to God.

The king who came to know about his plight, summoned him and told him that he knew of Laila and her family and that she was not beautiful at all. He said, “Had she been a beauty she would have become a part of my Harem. I give you a chance to forgo your feelings for Laila and choose one from my harem"

Majnu looked closely at all the beauties who was brought to his presence. He told the king, “My Lord, please do pardon me, for you have been very kind to me. None of the women here are as beautiful as Laila. You will have to look through my eyes to see the beauty of her being!"

Osho says, the heart does not work like the mind which is fed by senses. Anything that arises from it cannot be rationalise, which forms the core of this short story.

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Story first published: Friday, December 10, 2010, 17:09 [IST]
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