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The Inner Essence

Tao Story, True Nature
The inner essence is what is.

A king once wanted to present a beautiful horse to his daughter. He wanted to delight his daughter with the best animal. Hence he sought the aid of his chief advisor who in turn referred a horse expert who would be able to guide the king to the best horse.

The king on hearing of the horse expert, immediately sent out a request for the best horse. A few days later, he received a reply carrying the message that there was a black stallion that fit perfectly the king's expectation. The king was overjoyed about the find and shared it with everyone.

The king was in for a shock however when the horse actually showed up. It was a total contrast to actually what was described to him. It turned out to be a dun coloured mare . The enraged king sent for his advisor and shouted that the expert was such a dunce that he was even unable to get the colour and the sex of the animal right. The advisor exclaimed "What ! Has he reached this far? When I knew him he was able to tell of the animal with its posture and look. Now he has gone beyond all outer appearances and has learnt to discern with an eye for the inner essence of the animal that nothing else actually counts.

The advisor's awe inspired anticipation came true, for the animal naturally proved to be of the highest quality.

The inner essence is infinite beauty, infinite bliss and yet beyond infinity.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 12:20 [IST]
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