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Perseverance Precedes Immortality-A Taoist Story
Perseverance is the key to realise the ultimate goal of spirituality. A short story, a Taoist story conveys the truth.A man called Wang who was inclined to Taoism, wanted to know the secret of immortality. He hence approached a monastery ...
Perseverance Immortality Taoist Story

Chuang Tzu's Tao Story On Performing And Winning
Does joy lie in enjoying one's performance or winning?The one who enjoys his performance is relaxed and his skill is at his best while the one who focuses on winning postpones his celebration, may be even denies it. ...
Governing The World
How can the world be governed? A Tao story reveals the truth.T'ien Ken in the course on his wandering on the Mount Yin, came to River Liao. There he met a nameless man to whom he put forth a question, “How ...
Short Tao Story Governing World
Beyond Reward And Punishment!
Goodness will have to prevail beyond rewards and punishments, for it to be present always. A short Tao story reveals the truth.Po Ch'eng served as the governor during the rule of King Yao. He continued to serve as the governor when ...
Explaining The Essence Of Tao
The truth of Tao is not contained in words. A short Tao story reveals the truth.A scholar and a gentleman by name Duke Huan, sat on a balcony reading. Below one of his servants, P'ien was carving out a wooden ...
Tao Essence Truth Life Mystery
Lao Tzu's Law
The law of the ultimate reads differently from the created laws of a country. Read a short story revealing the fact.Lao Tzu was once asked by a Chinese king to become the court magistrate on account of his wisdom. LaoTzu refused, ...
This Is Good
An African king had a friend who had the habit of uttering "this is good" about anything and everything that occurred. One day the two friends went out for hunting where the friend loaded the gun for the ...
Taoism Tao Short Story Goodness
$50k For Kim Kardashian's Birthday!
The curvy reality TV star Kim Kardashian will get a unique birthday gift on her 29th birthday. She will pocket 50,000 dollars - to celebrate her birthday. The actress will turn 29 on Wednesday, October 21st 2009. ...
The Turtle In The Mud-Pool
The fragrance of Chuang Tzu's wisdom had reached the emperor who wished to make him his counsellor. He hence ordered his soldiers to seek him out and be brought to the palace.The emperor's soldiers after a hard search, ...
Tao Short Story Chuang Tzu Spiritual Wisdom
The Tao Way Of Effortlessness
To go with the flow, knows no effort.A butcher was working on the meat for a waiting customer. The customer enquired, "Is this not the same knife that you had last year? Do you sharpen it now and ...
The Inner Essence
The inner essence is what is. A king once wanted to present a beautiful horse to his daughter. He wanted to delight his daughter with the best animal. Hence he sought the aid of his chief ...
Tao Story Inner Essence Infinite Beauty
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