Enthroned In The Devout Heart

Short story, Seeking God
A devout heart is where the abode of God is.

Mohammed Gazni had a special liking towards one of his slaves called Ayaz. His closeness to a mere slave aroused the jealousy in his ministers. One day the ministers unable to withhold their curiosity any more, enquired the king of the reason for his liking for Ayaz. The king replied that there was indeed a reason but did not disclose it, saying that they would understand it in due course of time.

One day the king invited the ministers and Ayaz for a game of hide and seek. He said that he would hide himself in the palace garden outside the city, and the next at day break, they were to find him before sunset. The one who succeeded in his search would be showered with a lot of riches and presents. The ministers were thrilled about the idea and their thoughts started preying on the riches that were to be presented the next day. That night the king ordered beautiful damsels to be flocked at at the city gates, the next day morning to entertain people with mellifluous music and dance.

At day break, the ministers set out towards the king's garden outside the city. As they approached the city gate, they came across the beautiful young girls engaged in entertaining the crowed folks. The ministers drawn by the music and dance spent the time in the revelry, procrastinating the mission that they set out at early day break. Since the king's garden was small and that it would be easy to trace out the king before sun set, they sought to meanwhile engage in some enjoyment.

The ministers after feeding their senses to contentment with the entertainment of the damsels, hurriedly crowded at the garden out side the city. However the sun had set and the time had elapsed for them to find the king. To their dismay they caught sight of the king in the happy company of Ayaz. The ministers then enquired Ayaz if he had seen the beautiful damsels at the city gate. Ayaz replied that he did not have an eye for such trivialities as his mind was set on finding the King at day break which he did so and since then he was with his master till sun set. The king then pointed out to the ministers about Ayaz unparalleled love for him and in turn his love and affection for Ayaz.

Similarly one engaged in the spiritual quest, in search of God, will have to be devout to such an extent that even his very senses will have to be focused in seeking Him with his attention unswerving. To such a one God Himself becomes his beloved and enthrones Himself in the devout heart.

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Story first published: Monday, November 16, 2009, 16:34 [IST]
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