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Exclusive: The Inspiring Story Of A Woman Who Has No Fingers

By Lekhaka

This is an inspiring story about a woman who has no fingers.

Fingers are essential to touch the keyboard but a young woman writes well with no fingers. Hands-on the keyboard and works in an office computer, soft words to cover up her lack of comfort and smiling is none other than Malini Bhandari of Karkala who, through her unique talent, inspired the life of a specially-abled person. Wondering how she works without fingers? Read on to know this woman's inspirational story.

This Is not a birth defect

Originally from Kaudur in Karkala, she was the daughter of G. Dharmapala Bhandari and Pushpawati. Playing as a child when she was one-and-a-half years old, she lost control and fell into the rice-stove. Immediate treatment was attempted, but the fingers of both hands fell off. This was a disastrous event, but today with her confidence and passion she is a role model for everyone. Her hands are attached to each other and a pen is placed between them.

She completed her primary education at Ludhr Primary School, Kanjiram, and received her further education at Anand Shetty Government High School. She has also pursued PGDCA Computer Course with a desire to get a government job. Malini says she doesn't remember how she learned to write, but the role of her parents and teachers were significant. She was inspired by William Dessa, who was a teacher at the elementary school. He was the first person to write about the Malini in a Konkani magazine and introduce her to the outside world.

Acting With Golden Star Ganesh

Malini has taken up hobbies such as Kho Kho to accompany verse, essay, and group singing during her school and college days. A healthy young woman who does all her day-to-day tasks, including the use of computer and mobile phones, and buses. She also appeared in Golden Star Ganesh starred Kannada film, 'Auto Raja'. She says this opportunity has given her the courage to face obstacles and achieve more in life.

A True Example Of Courage

Recognizing her outstanding achievement, she was honoured by the Karnataka Government's Outstanding Award, which was presented by the Governor of Karnataka, TN Chaturvedi. Bhandari Social Service Union, Coastal News Agency, Karkala Bus Agents Association, DCC Bank, Ranganapalke Yuva Sangh and many others have recognized her for her achievements.

A Self-Sufficient Woman

She was appointed as an assistant at the Ambalapady Savita Socio-Social Cooperative Regular Headquarters. Thereafter, the Sangha, observing her performance, recommended another branch. She is currently working as Branch Manager for a branch in Karkala and has Five years of experience. Along with her husband Prasanna and son Arpan, she is an inspiration for everyone around her.

This article has been contributed by Shreeraksha (Boldsky Kannada)