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Menstruation Hygiene Day 2020: Ways In Which You Can Talk About Menstruation

Over the years, menstruation is one of the least talked topics of all time. The moment you pronounce menstruation or talk about it in public, you will definitely find people giving you unpleasant looks. You will be asked to keep quiet or speak in your lowest voice. Even today when we have made so many technological advancements, menstruation still stays as a taboo in our society. But this Menstruation Hygiene Day which is observed every year on 28 May, we are here to tell you how you can talk about menstruation.

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1. Let Your Parents And Elders Know About The Problems You Face

It is extremely important for you to talk about menstruation at your home. Your parents are your biggest support and will always be there to help and support you. So talking about menstruation with them can help you in learning more about menstruation. You can talk about if you have affected you or if you are facing problems during your menstrual cycle. You can also ask them questions about why it is important to maintain menstruation hygiene or how you need to take care of yourself when you face menstrual cramps. Even if your parents and relatives are not from your generation, they will always give you the best advice


2. Talk About It At Your School, College Or Workplace

There will be times when you may get your periods or menstrual cycle while you are at your school, college, or at your workplace. Instead of panicking, you can speak to your peers, colleagues or teachers. Since you may not be prepared to welcome your periods when you are away from home, you can seek help from people around you. You can let them know that talking about menstruation is not bad.

You can talk about organising a workshop or seminar at your school, workplace or college to educate more and more people. You can also take part in plays and extra-curricular activities through which you can explain more and more about menstruation.


3. Discuss With Your Siblings And Cousins

Discussing menstruation with your younger and elder siblings and cousins is a good thing to do. You can educate them about menstruation and the problems one goes through it. You can tell your younger or elder brother why women go through the menstrual cycle and what changes and problems they (read: women) experience during this. It is extremely important for you to let them know that menstruation is a natural process and there is nothing to feel ashamed of.

You can also show them the facts and figures related to menstruation. This will not only help them in becoming sensible and sensitive towards menstruating girls and women but will also be ready to extend a helping hand.


4. Educate Your Partner And Friends

If you are dating someone, then letting your partner know about menstruation is important. You don't have to feel shy or embarrassed. Let your partner know more about it. You can talk about your menstrual cramps or if you are facing any severe problems during menstruation. You can also educate your friends and partners to have a clear understanding of what a woman goes through during her periods. Also, if you find them cracking silly and mean jokes on menstruation, then instead of getting offended, you can explain why it is not a topic to laugh on.


5. Share Your Problems With Your Teachers

Just as your parents and elders can help and support you during your periods, you can also seek help from your teachers. Let your teachers know if you got your periods at your school or college. You can always have their support in case you want to organise a campaign at your school/college to spread awareness about taboos related to menstruation. You can also ask your teacher to have an open discussion about menstruation and problems related to it in your class.


6. Spread More And More Awareness About It

It is always best to talk more and more about menstruation and spread awareness about it. You can educate the teenagers about menstrual hygiene and things they need to keep in mind. It is not only about educating girls and women but also to boys. For this, you can take help of social media platforms. You can launch some campaigns and post some infographics. You can also reach out to more and more people through social media.

Let them know that talking about menstruation and having essential information about it is quite necessary and there's nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

The more you talk about menstruation, the better it will be. Women and girls will feel more comfortable during their periods as they won't have to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Moreover, this will help in eradicating this taboo from our society and spread more awareness about menstrual hygiene.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 16:30 [IST]