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Women's Day 2021: Annoying Things Indian Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Ask anyone around you and you will find people giving you infinite opinions about how women should behave in a society. Conforming to social norms and obeying patriarchal mindsets makes everyone happy, except women. For example, people have so much to comment on how a woman looks, walks, talks or eats food. Therefore, it won't be wrong to say that these opinions and the parameters set by society make us (women) feel, they have little or no autonomy in their existence.

No matter what women do, they are judged every now and then. At times even the family members, relatives, friends and colleagues do not refrain from making judgemental opinions about women.

Boldsky has curated a list of uncomfortable truths that Indian women are often tired of hearing. Scroll down the article to know more.

1. "The Right Age To Get Married."- And how did you know? Getting married should be your personal choice and not because you turned 30 or because your friends are getting married. Also, do not get married because your mother was already married when she was of your age.

2. "In Order To Become A Good Woman, One Must Learn To Cook."- Making round rotis (flat round bread) and chole paneer, can't decide your potential but your career can. It's better to be independent and then learn how to cook for yourself rather than cooking for everyone and being dependent on others.

3. "You Must Not Stay Out After 6:00 PM."- And who made this rule? Staying out after 6:00 pm or going out in the evening can be your personal choice and need as well. If your work and lifestyle demand you to stay out for late hours, then there shouldn't be any problem with this.

4. "Good Girls Do Not Sit Like That" - Sensible people don't talk like that! If sitting in a particular posture gives you comfort, then you don't have to listen to what others say.

5. "Use Some Fairness Creams To Whiten Your Skin Tone." - Can you please stop giving your racist advice? Being confident in your skin is the best way to look beautiful and for that, you don't have to apply any fairness creams.

6. "Girls Shouldn't Be Outspoken."- Women too have freedom of speech and there's nothing wrong in expressing your thoughts and opinions.

7. "You Are Being Too Picky."- Isn't it called having standards? It's better to be picky and choose the best for you rather than settling down for whatever you get.

8. "You Won't Understand Technical Things."- Technology is not meant only for boys. There are numerous women who work in the field of information and technology.

9. "Good Girls Do Not Use Slangs." - And what are the other things that good girls do not do?

10. "You Should Wax Regularly To Get Rid Of The Body Hair."- Waxing your body should be completely your choice. If you feel, you should wax, then go for it or else avoid listening to what people say.

11. "Cutting Your Hair Will Make You Look Like A Boy."- Didn't anyone tell you that giving unnecessary advice will make you sound annoying and irritating? Being the owner of your hair, you have the full right of styling your hair in whichever way you want.

12. "Calm Down, It Was Just A Joke." - Ohh really? I thought jokes were meant to be funny and they were different from taunts.

13. "It Must Be Hard During Those Days." - Not at all unless we meet people like you who ask annoying questions.

14. "Girls Do Not Understand Sports." - We do and probably you haven't noticed that women too actively participate in sports.

15. "You Won't Be Able To Carry That Alone." - Dude, we have the capacity of giving birth to a child and you are asking if we can carry something on our own?

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