Weekly Horoscope For 30 January To 05 February 2022

By Boldsky Staff
Aries 21 MAR - 19 APR
This week, the work pressure will remain on you as well as some family responsibilities may also increase. You may get some good opportunities on the work front. You can get a chance to move forward. This week will be somewhat busy for you. This week you will have to make some changes in your plans so that you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.
Lucky Color: Red
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Day: Thursday
Taurus 20 APR - 20 MAY
You may have to travel this week, which will prove to be very beneficial for you. This week is going to be very good on the work front. You can get success in job or business. In the middle of the week, most of your time will be spent in fun with your friends. Along with this, full support of your family and friends will be received. This week is going to be a bit difficult in terms of love. It is possible that your beloved may be angry with you about something. Do not be too careless about your health.
Lucky Color: Saffron
Lucky Number: 26
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Gemini 21 MAY - 20 JUN
This week is going to be very busy for you. Whether at home or workplace, you will have more responsibilities. You have to try to control your anger during this period, otherwise you may get into trouble. Take your financial decisions wisely. Do not spend your hard earned money on unnecessary things. During this time due to workload, you may not get enough time for yourself. You need to strike a balance between your personal and professional life. Also, you will feel uncomfortable due to poor health.
Lucky Color: Dark Blue
Lucky Number: 45
Lucky Day: Monday
Cancer 21 JUN - 22 JUL
This week is going to be challenging for you. You may have to face many difficulties due to many responsibilities coming on you at once. You may have to face many difficulties in taking your important decisions. On the other hand some people will try to mislead you by giving wrong information. Be careful with such people. Your relationship with your spouse will be strong. During this time you will be immersed in the love of your beloved and will be immersed in the thoughts of your beloved.
Lucky Color: Orange
Lucky Number: 25
Lucky Day: Thursday
Leo 23 JUL - 22 AUG
This week, a wrong decision taken in the past can become the cause of your trouble. Mentally you will not feel well. Most of your time can be wasted in useless things. You have to keep your mind calm. Also, focus on your important tasks. Use your time wisely otherwise you will regret it later. This time will be mixed for you in terms of health.
Lucky Color: Red
Lucky Number: 16
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Virgo 23 AUG - 22 SEP
This week is going to be very good for you. Most of your time will go to shopping and having fun. There will be happiness and peace in the family. Along with this, you will be healthy and you will be able to enjoy your favorite dishes. Talking about work, this week you may have to work harder than usual. If you have recently joined a new job, then during this time you are advised not to be negligent towards work. On the other hand, businessmen can get a good opportunity to invest.
Lucky Color: Green
Lucky Number: 27
Lucky Day: Monday
Libra 23 SEP - 22 OCT
This week you will be full of positive energy, enthusiasm and creative ideas. You may also get success in your financial endeavors. During this time, you will take all your important decisions with complete honesty and thoughtfulness. There will be compatibility in your personal life. You will spend a lot of money in fulfilling the needs of your loved ones. There is a need to be a little careful in matters related to money. Your health will be fine.
Lucky Color: Blue
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Day: Friday
Scorpio 23 OCT - 21 NOV
This week your creative ideas may influence others. You will feel much better. You need to address some serious issues. This week is going to be good for you on the financial front. There is no need to worry too much about money. Also, before taking any big decision, it would be better to know the opinion of your spouse as well.
Lucky Color: Dark Red
Lucky Number: 20
Lucky Day: Saturday
Sagittarius 22 NOV - 21 DEC
This week is going to be very good for you. You will get some great opportunities which will have a positive impact on your life. You will get good results on the work front. It is possible that you will get the fruits of your hard work during this time. Do not be careless towards health, especially take care of your food and drink, otherwise you may have stomach related problems. If there is any problem regarding money, then during this time your problem will end.
Lucky Color: White
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Day: Monday
Capricorn 22 DEC - 19 JAN
This week can give mixed results for you. There may be some problems on the economic front. Spending too much can ruin your budget. Also, take decisions in your financial matters wisely. During this time you can be a part of any social program. Where you can meet some new people. This meeting of yours can prove beneficial for you. Your health will be good.
Lucky Color: Pink
Lucky Number: 38
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Aquarius 20 JAN - 18 FEB
This week you will be in the mood to do something different. You may get a chance to travel. This week is going to be good for you on the financial front. To businessmen, if you are thinking of investing, then first get complete information, otherwise you may suffer huge losses. During this period you meet some selfish people and try to take advantage of you for your own meaning.
Lucky Color: Purple
Lucky Number: 13
Lucky Day: Thursday
Pisces 19 FEB - 20 MAR
Some unnecessary demands of yours may bother your family members. It would be better if you try to understand from their point of view as well. During this, the extra workload can make you feel tired and helpless. You should also pay attention to your health. This week is going to be challenging on the economic front. Your mental anxiety may increase due to lack of money.
Lucky Color: Light Yellow
Lucky Number: 29
Lucky Day: Sunday