Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope For 17 October To 23 October 2021

By Boldsky Staff
Sagittarius 22 NOV - 21 DEC
You may have to face some big challenges this week. You need to stay positive and move forward. Don't get discouraged and face every problem with courage. You can get the result as expected soon. Talking about work, employed people are advised to keep their behaviour with colleagues in the office right. Avoid anger and arrogance, otherwise, your image may be affected along with work. If you do a government job, then this week is going to be very busy for you. Due to the heavy workload during this period, you will not get time for yourself. This week is likely to be very difficult for the people doing business in partnership. There is a possibility of deterioration in harmony with the partner. Apart from this, there may also be a loss of money. Talking about your personal life, you will be under a lot of stress due to the deteriorating health of your spouse. During this period, your money may also be spent on medicines and doctors. As far as your health is concerned, increasing stress and fatigue can worsen your health.
Lucky Color: White
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Day: Sunday

People born between November 22 to December 21 have a Sagittarius Sun sign. Inspiring others in many ways, Saggitarians do not judge people. Their open-mindedness is the reason behind this. They like trying new things as a result and thus have various friends and contacts with influential people. They are very independent minded, very ambitious and determined. They love to have fun. They cannot remain in bondage. They can be very arrogant at times or be too dominant. Their love for nature is very high.