Virgo Weekly Horoscope For 28 November To 04 December 2021

By Boldsky Staff
Virgo 23 AUG - 22 SEP
This week can bring big relief for businessmen. During this time you can make many small profits. You are advised to work harder for bigger profits. If you move wisely, soon all your problems will be solved and you will progress. This week is going to be full of ups and downs for the employed people. Workload will be high, as well as the pressure of your colleagues may also increase on you. It will be better if you try to complete all your work in a planned manner. This time will not be good for you in terms of money. There are signs of deterioration in your financial condition. Do not spend without thinking. Apart from this, it will be better not to do any transactions related to money during this period. Conditions are likely to remain normal in your personal life. At the end of the week, you may suddenly get an opportunity to travel with your spouse. During this time you are also advised to take care of your health.
Lucky Color: pink
Lucky Number: 30
Lucky Day: Wednesday

People born between August 23 and September 22 have a Virgo Sun sign. Virgos are there whenever you need motherly love. Yes, to be true, Virgo will offer a lot of care to you, whether you are best friends or just friends. They make it comfortable and easy for you everywhere. They like to live life on their own terms and are very polite in nature. They are fond of cleanliness. They are also great critics and find faults very easily. Sometimes their anger becomes a cause of trouble.