Taurus Weekly Horoscope For 28 November To 04 December 2021

By Boldsky Staff
Taurus 20 APR - 20 MAY
Due to the negative effects of planets, some changes can be seen in your behaviour during this period. There will be harshness in your speech and you may feel quite annoyed. In such a situation, you may also have a dispute with the people around you. Mid of the week will be of some relief for you. Some of your big problems can be solved. People doing business in partnership can get good profits. However, you need to be careful in legal matters. During this period, you should avoid doing any illegal work. The position of employed people will be strong in the office. Coordination with higher officials can be better. Talking about personal life, during this period you need to take out enough time for family members as well. Along with work, you should also take care of your loved ones, otherwise, the distance with your loved ones may increase. This week is going to be good for you in terms of money. Try to spend according to your income. As far as your health is concerned, during this time you may have some problem related to your back or waist.
Lucky Color: Brown
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Day: Saturday

People born between April 20 to May 20 have a Taurus Sun sign. The symbol for Taurus is the bull. Having compassion as their strongest characteristic, Taureans are the ones who will hug you first, supporting you when you are feeling really down. They will come to support you during your hard times. They have soft nature and their decision making ability is amazing. Along with this, they have good leadership qualities. They stick to their decisions. Also, they are fond of a life full of comforts and dislike change.