Pisces Weekly Horoscope For 17 October To 23 October 2021

By Boldsky Staff
Pisces 19 FEB - 20 MAR
You are advised to avoid malpractices, otherwise you may get into big trouble during this time. Apart from this, stay away from bad habits like a lottery, betting, cigarettes, alcohol etc. This time is very important for you, so make good use of it, avoid wasting your time on unnecessary things. If you do a job then you need to follow the advice of your higher officials. People doing government jobs can suddenly get information about their transfer. This week is going to be very lucky for businessmen. In this period, you can get good profits with less effort, especially if your business is related to cereals, oil etc. The atmosphere of the house will remain calm. This time will be very good with your family members. Talking about your health, you are advised to be more alert about this spreading epidemic.
Lucky Color: Yellow
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Day: Thursday

People born between February 19 to March 20 have a Pisces Sun sign. Pisces are patient enough when it comes to listening to other people's stories. Though they do not like those who crib about useless topics, they still like to listen and at least guide if not judge. Being good listeners is their strongest quality. They are very moody but have a very creative. They are very serious about their relationship and value their loved ones very much. They have the urge to work hard and move forward. Sometimes they can even get a little careless.