Gemini Weekly Horoscope For 28 November To 04 December 2021

By Boldsky Staff
Gemini 21 MAY - 20 JUN
If you are a businessman and have recently started a new business, then during this period you will be able to attract your customers. Keep thinking about your business decisions like this. Soon your business may boom. On the other hand, for the employed people, this week is likely to be challenging. If any of your important work is incomplete, then try to complete it as soon as possible, otherwise, you may get into trouble, because during this time the eyes of your boss will remain on you. This week is going to be pleasant for you in terms of money. There will be no problem regarding money during this period. You will also be able to focus on savings as well. Talking about personal life, the careless attitude of your spouse can become the reason for discord in your married life. You can be me on small things. As far as your health is concerned, you are advised to avoid consuming cold things.
Lucky Color: Sky Blue
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Day: Sunday

People born between May 21 and June 20 have a Gemini Sun sign. The symbol for Gemini is the Roman numeral II, which represents twins. Intellectuals of the group, Geminis have an opinion about anything and everything. Though you sometimes feel they are arrogant, they are right about their perceptions. They are more like a sun-shade. In one moment they get very angry, while in another moment they become completely calm. Due to their nature, sometimes it is very difficult to understand them. They are very romantic and give a great importance to their relationships. Known for their versatility, they are very courageous and are able to face the biggest challenges easily.