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13 Health Benefits Of Spelt (Dinkel Wheat)
A light reddish-brown wholegrain, spelt or dinkel wheat, is one of the ancient crops which was first cultivated in Europe 8000 years ago. The seed of the spelt plant called spelt grain has a close resemblance to wheat. Spelt flour prepared ...
Spelt Uses Nutrition Benefits And Side Effects

12 Foods That Are High In Manganese
Manganese is a trace mineral which is found mostly in the pancreas, liver, kidneys and bones. This mineral is required for proper enzyme functioning, nutrient absorption, wound healing, and bone development and it also aids the body to form the connective ...
Rajasthani Churma Recipe : How To Make Churma At Home
Rajasthani churma, or simply churma, is a powdery sweet made from whole wheat flour and sugar topped with nuts and rock sugar. It is usually served along with a spicy dal and some crunchy baatis. The churma is an essential part ...
What Should You Feed Your Toddler
As a parent, it is only normal that you worry about your child's nutrition. It is said that children are most fuzzy about eating at the toddler age. They are restless during this phase of life and are also very picky ...
What Should You Feed Your Toddler
Why Is Brown Bread Healthy?
What is the exact difference between brown bread (wholegrain bread) and white bread? Well, brown bread is made of the whole wheat grain whereas white bread is a product of refined grains. The problem with refined grains is that its outer ...
Is Quinoa Nutritious?
Though most of us know about quinoa, we know very less about its health benefits and that is the reason why we still eat other grains like rice and wheat more than quinoa. Also Read: Is Paneer Good Or Bad? In ...
Benefits Of Quinoa
Wheat Kheer Recipe for Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of Maharashtra, but, today, it celebrated throughout the country. If you want to celebrate the festival in authentic Marathi style, you should know the actual pulse of the occasion there. Wheat kheer recipe is one such ...
Importance Of Wheat For Kids
We get energy and other valuable things from the food that we eat. Among the top food items, people always prefer taking the food that has the right amount of nutrients for a perfect diet. Fruits, vegetables, and various other plant ...
Importance Of Wheat For Kids
Why Men Should Avoid White Food
Men like to stay fit and working out is their passion. In order to reduce weight, they tend to eat light food like bread, which they think has less fat and is healthy. They consume a lot of bottled juice, canned ...
Appetising Sweet Paratha Recipe
Sweet paratha is an Indian dish made of flour and sugar. Recipe for sweet paratha is a hit amongst mothers as their kids would love to relish on this dish any time of the day! Recipe for sugar paratha is ...
Appetising Sweet Paratha Recipe
A Unique Festival To Boost Tourism At Himachal Pradesh
A unique festival, jointly organised by the Department of tourism of Himachal Pradesh and Sangla Valley Sustainable Development Society has concluded in the state last Sunday. The main attraction in the two-day festival had been the various local delicacies that were ...
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