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Significance Of Matsya Jayanthi
One of the oldest religions in the world, what sets Hinduism apart from that of all others is the fact that it does not believe in the supremely of one single God. For the Hindus, there are 33 million Gods and ...
Significance Of Matsya Jayanthi
Importance Of Worshipping Shaligram
Our country is a land of many gods who are widely worshipped and celebrated in the whole of the country. These gods have taken various forms over the course of humanity. These forms are as important as the gods themselves and ...
Narayaneeyam: The Story Of Lord Narayana
In the Hindu religion, there are many spiritual and religious books of huge merit and significance. One such book is the Narayaneeyam written by Melpatoor Narayana Bhattatiri. Born in a small village of the state of Kerala, Bhattatiri was a great ...
Narayaneeyam The Story Of Lord Narayana
Narasimha Mantras To Chant On Narasimha Jayanti
Narasimha Jayanti is celebrated as the day when Lord Maha Vishnu took the Avatar of Lord Narasimha. Lord Narasimha Avatar was taken to destroy the tyranny of the Asura King Hiranyakashapu. Hiranyakashapu was the father of Prahalada who was one of ...
The Nine Forms Of Lord Narasimha
Lord Maha Vishnu has taken a lot of forms for the good of his devotees and the welfare of the whole world. Among all the avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu, the form of Lord Narasimha is perhaps the most ferocious one. ...
The Nine Forms Of Lord Narasimha
Krishna Stotram To Chant On Wednesdays
The wise men and Sages of ancient India allotted a day of the week to worship a particular God. It is believed that prayers and poojas to the God on the day dedicated to them pleases them easily and helps you ...
Maha Vishnu Mantras For Akshaya Tritiya
The auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya is presided over by Lord Maha Vishnu. There is a plethora of deities that are worshipped on this day, but it is Lord Maha Vishnu that most people worship. The other deities that are commonly ...
Maha Vishnu Mantras For Akshaya Tritiya
Why Does Lord Vishnu Sleep On A Serpent Bed?
You must have seen various depiction of Lord Vishnu in pictures, movies and images. Somewhere, he is riding Gadura (the King of Birds); sometime, he is presented with 'Sankha-Chakra-Gada-Padma' and in many pictures, you have seen him, lying on a Serpent ...
All Reasons Why Kartik Purnima Is So Auspicious
Kartik Purnima, which is also called "Tripuri or Tripurari Purnima", is the full moon day of the Kartik month. Kartik Purnima generally falls in the month of November each year. There are numerous legends associated with Kartik Purnima, which prove why ...
Why Kartik Purnima Is So Auspicious
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