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10 Common Health Conditions Affecting Millennials
Millennials, also known as Gen Y are the demographic group following Generation X and preceding Generation Z. Millennials are often referred to as echo boomers due to a major surge in birth rates in the 1980s and 1990s, and also because ...
Schizophrenia: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
Schizophrenia is a complex and chronic mental health condition characterised by several symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, disorganised speech or behaviour and impaired cognitive ability. The early onset of the disease, along with its chronic course, make it a disabling disorder ...
Schizophrenia Types Symptoms Causes Treatment
Did You Know Whole Wheat Can Cause These Health Issues?
Whole wheat is considered to be really healthy, it's a great source of fibre and commonly used to prepare baked food products like bread. Whole wheat contains various nutrients which are great for our health but it contains gluten as well ...
Does Aerobics Help Schizophrenia Patients?
Aerobic exercise can significantly help individuals improve the 'cognitive deficits,' especially loss of working memory linked with schizophrenia, finds a study.Schizophrenia is a long-term mental health condition and its acute phase is typified by hallucinations and delusions, which are usually treatable ...
Does Aerobics Help Schizophernia Patients
Do You Know What Causes Psychiatric Disorders?
Brain scans have revealed a genetic mutation that affects the structure, function and chemistry of the brain, and thus increases the risk of major psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression, says a research.The findings showed that the people with ...
7 Ways To Deal With Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder. The person affected with with this disorder finds it difficult to differentiate between real and imaginary things. It affects the memory, thinking ability and emotions. Although the causes of schizophrenia is unknown, it is likely ...
Seven Ways To Deal With Schizophrenia
How to Deal With Prenatal Schizophrenia?
Pregnancy and schizophrenia are two terms rarely clubbed together but when they do come together, the combination can be potentially dangerous. Prenatal care for a pregnant woman is a complicated affair. It is often said that sound mental health during pregnancy ...
Drug Candidate To Treat Alzheimer's Discovered
A new drug candidate, called AL-108, has now been discovered to effectively treat Alzheimer"s disease, as well as other cognitive diseases like schizophrenia and Parkinson"s, by limiting damage to the brain.<br/><br/> Tel Aviv University researcher Prof. Illana Gozes, has said that ...
Alzheimers Disease Treatment Drug
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