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Having An Itchy Skin: Try Out These 13 Home Remedies
Do dryness and itchiness on your skin always make you feel very uncomfortable? If yes, you should know that scratching an itchy skin is a common problem that many people suffer with. Itchy skin can be annoying and can distract you ...
Home Remedies For Itchy Skin

Here Is A Completely Natural Remedy To Cure Stomach Ache!
As humans, we are no strangers to ailments and related symptoms, right? We are all aware of that fact by now. However, there are symptoms of certain conditions which land us in more pain and discomfort compared to a few others. ...
Simple Homemade Toners For Oily Skin
Cleansing is one of the most vital parts of skin care. There are several beauty gurus out there who do not miss a single day of cleansing their skin. Sometimes, what we fail to realize is that cleansing, toning and moisturising ...
Simple Homemade Toners For Oily Skin
How To Use Pudina (Mint) Leaves For Weight Loss
Mint leaves or commonly known as pudina is one of the widely used aromatic plants. Pudina is not just used for culinary purposes but it is widely known for its innumerable health benefits and medicinal properties. Pudina is being used as ...
Ways To Lose Weight With Mint Pudina Leaves
Green Peas And Mint Soup Recipe
While you are on a crash diet, soup is one of the food items that keeps you full for long without adding any calories to your diet. Green peas and mint soup is a soup which is very filling. Both the ...
Easy & Effective Tricks To Treat Oily Scalp!
If your scalp gets greasy, two days from hair wash, chances are you have the dreaded oily hair! Oily hair invariantly leads to greasy scalp, limp hair and, the worst of all, breakouts! To avoid all this, we have curated home ...
Easy And Effective Tricks To Treat Oily Scalp
This Natural Juice Can Cleanse Your Liver, In A Week!
Are you someone who indulges in drinking alcohol on a regular basis? Do you eat out quite often? If yes, chances are that your liver may be accumulated with toxic substances, leading to major health complications later on. It is always ...
DIY Mint Chocolate Scrub For Smooth Skin
Everyone loves chocolate. Sometimes, we end up eating more chocolate than we intended to in the first place, that's just how amazing a chocolate is. I am sure you all agree to this! Chocolate cravings are for real, and most people ...
Diy Mint Chocolate Scrub For Smooth Skin
Why You Need To Drink Pudina Juice
Pudina plants are hardy, quick growing evergreen plants. For a long time pudina leaves were crushed and the juice was used to relieve pain and also as a natural medicine to relieve heartburn. Modern scientific research has uncovered a wide range ...
Mint: Health Benefits, Side Effects & Recipes
Mint or 'pudina' is refreshing when had during the hot summers in the form of pudina chutney, mint lemonade, mint ice cream, raita, etc. It's because mint keeps your body cool from inside. Mint belongs to a group of plant species ...
Mint Types Benefits Recipes Side Effects
The Coolest Drink Ever! Pudina And Masala Chaas
The temperature is getting worse these days. The air conditioners or the cold water is just not enough to cool down your body. So, the only way to beat the heat this summer is through the consumption of some masala curd ...
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