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6 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Face At Night
After a whole day at work, we are too tired to follow the ‘ideal' skincare routine. The bed tempts us. We want to wear something comfortable and just go to sleep. We convince ourselves that we won't skip cleansing the face, ...
Reasons To Wash Face At Night

10 Healthy Foods That Cleanse The Colon
The colon is responsible for effective digestion and absorption of nutrients and any mishap of unhealthy practices in your diet may directly influence the biological function leading to ailments and disorders which may become chronic with time. Therefore, the emphasis on ...
10 Things In Your Home You Never Clean, But You Should
Cleanliness is next to godliness. The perks of having a clean home are something most of us are familiar with. It not just makes you feel good about yourself but also plays an instrumental role in keeping infections and diseases at ...
Ten Things In Your Home You Never Clean But You Should
DIY Toothpaste Tricks To Keep Your House Clean
Every woman's home is her temple and she is always obsessed about keeping every corner of her house sparkling clean. How often do stains around the house trouble us? Be it crayons on the walls, lipstick stains on your favourite white ...
Quick Tips On Keeping The Kitchen Clean
It is very correctly said that the kitchen is the identity of the house. What you do in the kitchen and the state it is in, often dictates the state the house is in. From this point of view, it is ...
Quick Tips On Keeping The Kitchen Clean
How To Prepare Your Home For Holi
With the festival of colours just round the corner, it is evident that everyone wants to wrap him or herself in an air of festivity. The preparation for the same begins with buying new clothes, preparation of delicious food items and, ...
How To Prepare Your Home For Holi
Cleaning Your House With Borax
Imagine a beautiful day where you are taking a trip down to your nearest supermarket. You have a list of things that you need to buy in your head and topping the chart of that list is-a. Phenol/Phenyl, for keeping your ...
Smart Tips To Make Your House Dust-Free
There are some things in life which are so persistent that they refuse to leave our way. Now ladies, let's not let our imaginations run wild, we are talking about the one thing that conquers our entire home without our permission, ...
Smart Tips To Make Your House Dust Free
Simple Cleaning Tricks For Rooms
Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness. However, keeping your surroundings clean is not always easy. This is all the way true when we speak of the rooms within our houses. The reason for this may be attributed to the fact ...
Simple Cleaning Tricks For Rooms
How To Keep Bathroom Clean All The Time
We all love to enter into a fresh and clean bathroom in our house, don't we? However, this cleanliness is not a magic. You need to develop the habit of cleaning your bathroom every day. No matter whether you are running ...
Precautions To Take While Using Acid For Cleaning
Hydrochloric acid, also referred to as muriatic acid, is undoubtedly considered to be amongst the strongest and toughest cleaners that are available for any homeowner. Most people make use of phenols to keep the floors clean. Surface cleaners are also used ...
Precautions To Take While Using Acid For Cleaning
Ways To Use Tomato Ketchup In Cleaning
The most favourite of all condiments to be had with junk food is the tomato ketchup. Some people just gulp it down. Sometimes, you might get a number of ketchup sachets from a food outlet, especially with takeaways. All of it ...
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