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How To Handle If Your Child Walks In While You Are Having Sex

Suppose, your partner and you have finally decided to enjoy a lovemaking session. You made sure your children are sleeping or are busy with something else. You have shut down all other distractions. Finally, you are in your room, cuddling your partner. You and your partner get indulged in intimate actions one after the other and now you are having a passionate moment of sex.

You are enjoying the love and pleasure and suddenly you are disrupted by something - your kids walk into your room and see what has been going on.

Now your kids might turn at you with 'what were you doing' question and you might be short at words. You may not know what to say to your kids. Well, then you can go through the below suggestions to overcome this embarrassing moment.

1. Do Not Scold Your Children

As soon as you see that your children walked in and caught you having sex, you don't need to scold them. Scolding them and asking them to leave in a rude tone might make your child cry. This way you will be spoiling your mood and sex drive. Stay calm and ask them to go and play, saying that you will join them later.

2. Remove Negative Emotions

Sex is not a bad thing and therefore, one must not associate any negative feeling with sex. The moment your kids see you in that situation, you need to handle the situation smartly. If you show any negative emotions, your child will assume that you were doing something wrong or sex is a bad thing.

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3. Cover Yourselves

No doubt you were embarrassed the moment your children walked into your room. You might not be able to think about what to do next or what to say. But before you do anything or say anything, you need to cover your naked body. This will bring down the awkwardness.

Hiding the naked body is actually a good start to deal with this embarrassing situation. After this, you can face your children.

4. Tell Them It was Between You And Your Partner

You can tell your kids that it is the way mom and dad show love to each other. Instead of saying, 'mom and dad are playing a game', you can say 'it was something special that has to be between mom and dad only and we did nothing wrong'.

5. Do Not Feel Guilty About This

Since you were having a moment of love and your children walked into your room, you do not have to be guilty about it. Being embarrassed is obvious as you didn't expect your kids to see you in this way but being guilty is not a solution. This will make your child believe, you have done something really wrong and serious.

6. Let It Be Short And Sweet

Whatever you explain to your kids, keep it short. Do not confuse them by saying it was a game or something like that. You can deviate your children's attention by saying 'let us go have an ice cream' or 'let us watch sponge bob'.

7. Be Careful About Your Next Session

Next time when you and your partner plan to have sex, make sure you lock the door properly. If you have locked the door and feel that your children need you then you can make yourself presentable before going to them. Or you can have sex when your children are at school or are with their grandparents.

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With these tips, you can overcome the moment of embarrassment and make things normal.