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National Cousins Day 2020: Signs Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend

What could be better than having a best friend who is also a family member? If you are wondering who could be this person then it is none other than your cousins. Yes, cousins are the ones with whom you can have an ever-lasting friendship. Unlike your annoying siblings, your cousins may not be with you all the time but you still tend to share a warm and loving bond whenever you meet. If you have never realised the importance of your cousins then today is the day when you can let them know how much you love them. This is because every year 24 July is celebrated as the National Cousins Day.

On this National Cousins Day, we have brought a list of tell-tale signs that will tell you if your cousin is your best friend. If you aren't convinced then scroll down the article to read more.

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1. You Know Each Other Quite Well

When we say you know each other quite well, we don't mean your favourite movie, colour or food. It is way beyond than these things. You know each other's weaknesses and strengths. You are well aware of each other's quirks, love life, breakups, dreams, struggles and much more. You know what can make each other happy or what could be the most annoying thing.


2. You Find It Easy To Talk About Your Family And Relatives

Whether it is about your dysfunctional family or toxic relatives, you do not feel uncomfortable in discussing the same with your cousins. In fact, you find it quite comfortable to talk about the issues in your family. In simple words, you find it quite interesting and comfortable to bitch about your family members. Not only this, but you also help each other by suggesting some plausible solutions.


3. You Have Been Together In Major Events

Whether it is your birthday party, school play, dance performance or your graduation day, your cousin is always there to encourage and praise you. He/she not only celebrates your milestone but also encourages you to gain more and more success. You also include each other in your future plans and want to share some good moments with each other. You always look forward to having your cousin (s) by your side, especially when it is an important day of your life.


4. You Support Each Other During Tough Times

What could be another tell-tale sign that your cousin is your best friend? Like any other good friend, if you have always been there to extend your helping hand to each other, then this shows that you are no less than best friends. In case, you are not with each other, you make sure to listen to each other's problems and extend emotional and mental support. You know that your cousins will be able to understand your agony and help you in dealing with the problems going on in your life.


5. You Are Never Out Of Topics To Talk

No matter how long you have been chatting and talking, you are never out of topics. You always come up with various things to talk and discuss. You can talk about everything and anything. From the solar system to your new experiments in the kitchen and from your classmates to your new dresses, you are always busy talking with each other. Above all, you never feel tired even after talking for hours.


6. You Share The Same Strong Bond Even If You Meet Once In A Year

This is the one of the obvious signs that your cousin is your best friend. No matter if you meet once in a year or two, you share the same strong bond with each other. You know that your relationship doesn't depend on how often you meet or call each other. The moment you meet each other, you feel elated and talk about endless things and spend most of your time together.


7. You Share All Of Your Thoughts And Problems With Each Other

The moment anything goes wrong, your cousin is the first person whom you call or inform. Not only this, your fingers naturally dial their number, when you are confused about what to wear or are worried about exams. You give each other the best advice and are always on your toes to ensure that you are doing well. Not only this, but you also try your best to lighten up each other's moods and help each other.


8. You Look Forward To Family Gatherings

You are always excited about family gatherings as this gives you the opportunity to hang out with each other. You often count days for family gatherings and vacation. As long as your cousins are with you, family gatherings never seem boring and mundane to you. In fact, you have your best time during family get-togethers and are always ready for more such events.


9. You Are Each Other’s Secret Keeper

If you and your cousins have been each other's secret keepers since your diapers days, then this shows that you are no less than best friends. You know each other's secret crush and the pranks you have done on others. You know who broke the dinner set or who spilled the milk on the sofa. Yet, you are there to keep each other's secrets safe and hidden. You know how to cover up for each other, especially when your parents suspect either of you.


10. You Get Along Even After A Heated Argument

No matter how badly you fought or argued, you never held on the grudges. You know the importance of your cousin (s). There can be times when you may disagree with each other but then you know that there's no one as loving and supportive as your cousin (s). Though you may decide that you won't be on good terms with each other, you tend to end your fight and get back to the same bond full of love and care.

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So, if you related to the above-mentioned points, then you indeed share a strong and unbreakable bond with your cousins. And yes, you are each other's best friends and well-wishers. So, share this article with your cousins and make them feel special.

We wish you a Happy National Cousins Day 2020.