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8 Signs That Tell Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

What would be your answer, if we ask you, how much do you admire and respect your sister? At times, you may fight with her like anything but having a sister is no less than a blessing as she fills your life with happiness and teaches you so many things at the same time. The best gift that you can ever give to your sister is by understanding her worth in your life. You may feel sometimes that your sister is your best friend and also a mentor. She cares for you like your mother and also fights with you on little things. In order to make you realise that you have the world's best sister, we have mentioned down some telltale signs.


1. She Always Has Your Back

If your sister has always stayed by your side during tough times and made sure you never feel alone, then this is a sign that you have the best sister. She might have helped you in giving your best in your exams and trusting you when nobody else did. No matter how tough the situation becomes, you will never find your sister giving up on you.


2. She Helps You Financially

Often siblings help each other financially and emotionally but if your sister made sure that you are never short on money, even when you were jobless, then this shows that you are blessed with the best sister. We are not saying that all siblings should always help each other financially. At times your sister may have helped you financially during your school and college days or during the times when you were penniless.


3. She Is The One Who Keeps All Your Secret

Do you feel that your sister is the only person you can rely upon? Do you feel that no one else can keep your secrets safe than your sister? If yes, then you are definitely having the best sister in your life. She knows your deepest secrets, insecurities and failures and still never disclosed the same to anybody else.


4. She Is Always There To Listen To You

No matter if you were angry, frustrated, or upset over something your sister will be always there to listen to your agony. She will listen to all your rant and will make sure you feel better. In no situation, she will turn you down, even if it is a 2 am conversation. You will always find your sister listening to what you have to say.


5. She Is Your Best Advisor And Mentor

Your sister will always be there to ensure you are on the right path. In case you are unsure about something, she will make sure to advise you and help you in taking the right decision. She will be giving you the best advice and will motivate you to choose the path that can lead you to success and a better life.


6. She Gives You Honest Compliments

Whether you wore a new dress, did makeup or had a haircut, you know that your sister will always give you honest compliments. She will never compliment you for the sake of it. Instead, she will let you know if you are actually looking good or not. She will always help you in carrying out yourself in the best way. She will ensure that you look your best on your date nights and on other occasions.


7. She Never Judges You

You know that with your sister you can act crazy and stupid without even having the fear of being judged. You and your sister can do several stupid things and still be normal. In fact, she will act even more stupidly and will make you laugh louder. If this is your bonding with your sister, then you thank the Almighty for giving you such a nice sister.


8. She Often Saves You From Wrath Of Your Parents

Doesn't matter if you broke the dinner set, came home late after a night out or scored less in your exams, your sister will be your biggest saviour. She will do anything to save you from your parent's anger. She will stay awake to open the door when you come home late and will successfully help you in sneaking out of the house for a late-night party.

If you agree to most of the points mentioned above, then go and thank your sister for making your life so colourful and beautiful. Let her know how much you love her. You can make her feel special by sharing this article with her.

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