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Funny Reasons That Only Mothers Can Give To Discipline Their Children

'Maa sab janti hain", which translates in English as 'A Mother Always Knows ' is so true. As mothers know children better than themselves, they can go to any extent when it comes to protecting them or teaching them discipline. They give us some reasons so that we listen to them. Though that can be really silly and funny at times, still, they never step back, until we do what we are asked to.

They have all the solutions to our problems. At least they think so. Read on to find more about the funny reasons that mothers give to discipline their children-

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1. 'Your Phone Is The Root Cause Of All Your Problems'

Be it any problem or situation that you are in, your phone is the root cause of them. Not us, but mothers believe so.

Be it suffering from loose motions, having hair-fall, or gastrointestinal problems; your mother can miraculously connect it to your phone. She will accuse your phone for every single problem that you are going through as she feels that you are always distracted because of it and not taking proper care of yourself.

2. 'Wearing Make-Up Regularly Will Make You Look Older Soon'

Going out without make-up is something that mothers always want for their daughters. Moms have this extraordinary capacity to relate your make-up skills with your age.

She will like you to keep your look simple. But the moment she sees you doing make-up on a regular basis, she might get pissed off and say, 'you are going to look older soon'. Even though you apply minimal makeup, your mother won't accede to it ever!

3. 'Drain Water Is Used To Prepare Street Food'

Ask your mother to buy you street food. Forget about getting it, she will also give you a reason why not to have it. Because all food items that street vendors make are made using drain water. How weird is that?

She is always concerned about your health and therefore she believes that street food will have an adverse effect on your health. To stop you from eating street food, mothers say, 'vendors prepare that food with dirty hands and drain water'.

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4. 'Junk Food Will Spoil Your Taste Bud'

God spare you from the horror of that moment when you say, you 'don't want to eat'. Mothers just cannot bear when you say no to home-cooked food. She will always ensure that nothing unhealthy goes down your throat. But when you say that you are not hungry, your mother will say, 'eating junk food has changed your taste bud and therefore, you are no more interested in eating home-cooked food.'

5. 'This Shopkeeper Is Fooling You'

There is a very rare chance that your mother will be pleased with your fashion sense. She will show her disagreement over your distressed jeans by saying, 'the shopkeeper fooled you by giving you torn jeans and you mistook it for the latest fashion trend.' She might also say 'wearing distressed jeans will make you look poor, like a beggar'. Also, for her, your latest and cool hairstyle will make you look stupid and absent-minded.

6. 'Wearing Short Dress Will Make You Fall Ill'

We all know that this cannot be ever related but mothers don't believe that when it comes to protecting their child. Wearing comfy bottoms while going out is a good choice, but not if your mother hates seeing you wearing them. Initially, she will ask you not to wear the same, but when you do not pay heed to this, she might come with some bizarre reasons.

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According to her, if you go out wearing capri pants, 'mosquito and other insects will bite you and you will fall ill'. Even if you tell her that you have applied mosquito repellent, still she won't get convinced.

Though mothers give funny reasons for different things, their intentions are never wrong. A mother knows what is good and bad for her children. Therefore, she ensures you remain healthy and happy by asking you not to things that might harm you.

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