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11 Struggles That Every Child With Strict Parents Has To Go Through And People Say Childhood Is Fun!

Nothing can be worse than having strict parents in childhood and in case you are born in an Indian household then growing up can be a real challenge. It is very true that there is no substitute for parents and staying with your family is a blessing, but there are times when we feel annoyed because they become so strict that we children look like prisoners.


At times, kids do feel that their freedom has been snatched away and that they will live their life based on strict guidelines by their parents.

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Scroll down to find out the struggles faced by children who have really strict parents. Some say they deserve Oscar for staying with them-

1. Strict Study Hours


No Indian parents will ever compromise with their children's study schedule and they can go to any extent to make their kids sit with their textbooks. They always keep an eye on the study of their children. But this gets a bit tough for those who have strict parents. Not children, but parents fix their daily routine and therefore there is no place for any excuse. From waking up early in the morning to going to bed, everything is under scrutiny.


Talking about report cards, we don't even want to go there! Well, to all Indian kids, are you familiar with flying chappals and broomsticks?

Yogesh Satyam (18) a college student from Bihar said to Boldsky, "I have always had strict study hours. The moment my parents catch me not studying during those hours, my life used to become a complete horror show".

2. You Are Not Always Allowed To Play


All of us love to play with our friends. You might look for ways to go out and enjoy your favourite game. But having strict parents is equivalent to being asked to stop playing and to focus on studying. You might have only a limited time to play.

"Every evening I had to plead my mother to let me go out and play with my friends. I was allowed to play for only one hour and after that, I was asked to come back and do my homework," said Yogesh.

3. Waking Up Early In The Morning Is Compulsory


Its not that we don't know about the health benefits of waking up early in the morning, but we fail to practice it and this is exactly where strict parents chip in! Forget about lying in bed the whole day, at times children are scolded and punished badly.

"Every morning, mom and dad used to ask me to get up before 6 AM. The day I refuse to get up, they used to really get mad at me," laughed Yogesh while recalling this incident.

4. It Is Mandatory To Keep Your Room Clean And Tidy


"Cleanliness is next to godliness". It looks like all Indian parents have taken this proverb too seriously and it doesn't stop there. They also want their children to follow this.

23-year- old Pari, a PG student from Delhi told Boldsky, "My parents have always scolded me for not cleaning my room. Usually, the scolding was also followed by shouting and they wouldn't stop until they see a tidy room".

5. You Can't Go Out With Friends As You Please


Who doesn't like to go out with friends and enjoy? But, when you have strict parents this is just next to impossible thing. Remember that proverb, "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy."

Strict parents usually choose to ignore this wisdom completely because for them playing is synonymous to wasting time.

6. Riding Your Own Bike? Just Delete That Thought!


While growing up, you must have had the urge to go for a ride on your bike or travel to unknown places in your own car or or at least you must have wished to ride your dad's bike. Just remove that thought from your mind forever and seeking permission to do the same is nothing less than "mission impossible".

Yogesh says, "My father didn't allow me to touch his bike also, but somehow I learned to ride it. The day I was caught red-handed by my parents, there was a long lecture which continued for two hours. Because I am 18-year-old now, my father allows me to ride his bike".

7. Want To Date? Just Skip This Idea!


Dating and 7 deadly sins are synonyms. Not us, but parents who are really strict believe that. Even if you are dating someone, just pray, really pray hard that your parents don't find out. If you don't care about yourself, have some sympathy on your partner because even they won't be spared.

8. Nightout Is Out Of Question


Sleepovers will be only successful when you come with a foolproof plan in front of your parents. Convincing strict parents is an art and you know that "practice makes a man perfect" right?

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9. Taking Or Making Calls, Both Are Prohibited At Odd Hours


Receiving or making calls is not an issue but at odd hours? Think twice! They are absolutely alien to the concept of friendship between a boy and a girl or a man and a woman for that matter. Blame it on Bollywood which taught them "Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakte". Not just that, simply throw your privacy out of the windows.

10. Comparison With Anyone And Everyone Around You


If you have strict parents, then you probably have understood what it means and how it feels by now. When they come down to proving a point, they can even compare you to a 2-year old. With all their heart they believe we will be inspired and follow whatever they say without a question.

11. You Become A Compulsive Liar


No one likes to lie to their parents but out of fear of being judged or to save yourself from your parent's scoldings, children often start lying frequently to their parents.

It might feel at times that parents are taking away our freedom or worse that they don't love or care for us but the reality begs to differ. It is they who are one constant good things in our life and have our back when we fall or hit rock bottom. They literally shape us to become a good person.

But, they should also understand that using fear as a weapon, habits can never be changed. Only love, acceptance and proper guidance can help a child to change for the better.

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