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11 Childhood Memories That You Made While Growing Up With Your Siblings

In our busy urban lifestyle, do we pause for a moment and cherish our good memories, or think about our friends and family who shaped us to a huge extent? Well, let us ask you these questions. How much do you remember about your childhood days? What are the things that you remember the most about your childhood? It must be the bickering fights with your siblings or sharing your food with them, isn't it?

We as kids loved to play and colour with our siblings, treat drawing books as the most precious thing. Siblings were undoubtedly our best friends and therefore, childhood was really fun.

All of us must have done crazy things along with our siblings in childhood. So today, let us revisit the lanes of childhood, and recall those memories that we made with our siblings.

1. Listening To Stories Before Going To Bed

During our childhood days, all of us must have listened to so many bedtime stories. Remember, how you and your siblings requested your grandparents to tell you stories every single night. Also, sometimes you along with your siblings decided about the story you would be listening to in the night.

2. Secretly Eating Those Wafers And Cookies

This is one of the funniest childhood memories when we used to hide in the kitchen to secretly open the box of those cookies and enjoy its deliciousness. But, our siblings always got their 6th sense activated during this time. They would come into the kitchen where we had been hiding and eating. After that, we had to share it with our siblings.

3. Watching Cartoon Shows

I am sure you must have come back running from your school, threw up your bag and opened the TV to make sure you do not miss your favourite cartoon show. You and your siblings even ignored what your mother said at that time, as you were busy watching the cartoon show. Not only this, sometimes, you must have switched to your cartoon channel early in the morning or late in the night.

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4. Creating Bubbles

Who didn't love to make bubbles and watch them float in the air? All of us did this, right? Well, making bubbles while bathing and on Sundays was probably one of the best things that you did in your childhood.

5. Sharing Your Belongings

You can not deny that you got your first lesson of 'sharing is caring' while you were growing up with your siblings. Sometimes, you didn't like to share your food, toys or crayons, but that was only for a while.

6. Laughing Like Crazy When Your Siblings Were Scolded

I am sure you can't forget the times when your parents scolded one of your siblings and you were giggling secretly? It was indeed funny to see how your siblings hung their head in fear or in guilt and received the scoldings for the mistake you did.

7. Fighting For TV Remote

This is one of those memories that every sibling have had in their childhood. Having TV remote in hand was no less than an achievement, back then. But it was not that easy to have the TV remote. You might have fought with your siblings almost every day for having that TV remote and tune in to your favourite channel. Well, there is a high possibility that you might be doing the same today!

8. Having A Never-Ending Competition

Having siblings can be synonymous to having a forever competition. This power play is another constant thing in our relationship with siblings, in a silly manner though. And what was this all about? To get the attention of your parents. Who will complete the homework first, or who can complete the breakfast first are something, siblings do even after growing up.

9. Playing Hide And Seek

Playing hide and seek is one of the best childhood memories of people who have grown up with their siblings. Hiding in the cupboards and in the storeroom, while leaving your sibling count till the hundred was a really fun time. Sometimes, you made sure to hide in such a manner that your sibling used to give up before finding you.

10. Twinning With Clothes

Do you remember the times, when your parents brought similar outfits for you and your siblings? You happily dressed up to twin with your siblings at times. But sometimes, when you had a fight with your siblings, you would deny wearing those similar outfits to show how pissed off you were.

11. Taking Stand For Your Siblings

No matter how hard you fought for TV remote, for getting undivided attention from your parents or having cookies all by yourself; you always made sure no one bothers your siblings. You and your siblings always stood by each other and protected each other when they were in difficult situations and got back at those who bullied them.

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Childhood days were no doubt the best phase of our lives, as we never had to worry about anything in the world and we could play throughout the day. We hope the above-mentioned points helped you to revisit your childhood memories!

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