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National Cousins Day 2019: Top 10 Reasons Why Growing Up With Cousins Is Incredible!

There are some set of humans who are actually your family and friends at the same time. They are your brothers and sisters from another mother. They are the one, you have your first ever exposure to friendship with. Who are they? They are none other than cousins. They are the one who spice up our lives when we are forcefully taken by our parents to in a boring family get-together. No matter what the situation is, they are always there for us and it goes beyond doubt that they are our all-time saviour!


Scroll down and you will find numerous reasons to love them even more and these are no less than childhood reminders of why growing up with cousins is the best thing :

a) The first-ever friend:Apart from siblings, cousins are the only ones with whom we experience a beautiful bonding. It is them with whom we experience our first ever friendship. One learns to play and interact with them, share thoughts and ideas and even secrets without the fear of being judged. At times, you and your cousin might get into a fight but you learn how to keep the differences aside and carry the bond forward. In fact, you are ready to punch hard to those who dare to hurt your cousin. You protect your cousin just like friends do.


b) Life never gets boring with them:You will forget what boredom is because they add so much fun to your lives and this is the best part about having cousins. Once you have them with you, you don't need to have any other source of entertainment. Be it old school jokes or sweet memories, looking back to those precious memories will always make you happy.

c) You get to learn and grow with them:Right from the play dates to exam times, without them our life is incomplete. They show you that kindness and love is the only thing to hold in our hearts and they also give us style tips to make us look cool. Without any hesitation, you can ask them to help you with your homework and projects. In addition to this, they never fail to teach you some crazy stuffs like how to ride a bicycle while your hands up in the air, how to put make-up on your face, quirky dance steps, clever ways to convince parents, and what not! This list is endless. Also, distance doesn't affect our bonding with them which makes this relationship more special and incredible.

Even if, you people don't see each other for a long time, you don't feel like much time has passed. You easily start from where you had left.

d) You have fun at nightouts and sleepovers:We are talking about cousins but not mentioning night outs and sleepovers? How is that even possible? There is absolutely nothing that can match the feeling of your cousins sleeping next to you. You can gossip throughout the night or narrate spooky stories to each other and the endless late night shows in movie theaters. This gives you the perfect time to be away from your parents and yet close to your family.

e) The most memorable adventures with them:Even if you are not as adventurous as your cousins, you will certainly be dragged into some crazy adventures. They are always successful in bringing out the adventurous part of you to the forefront and help you to paint your perfect day. With them, you can have a soothing long drive and explore some unknown and offbeat locations. They are one of those person who will never say 'no' to you.

f) They accept you for who you are:You and your cousins have been together since childhood and, therefore, you both are quite familiar with each other's habits. In this fast changing world, they are your forever constants. They are with you since nappy days to sweet sixteen days.This helps in creating a bond which is unbreakable. With them, you can discuss your weird moments and future goals with them. You can also talk about how much you hate a person or about the hidden feelings in your heart. Cousins never judge you. They are with you at all stage of your life and embrace you with the same love every time.

g) They make family functions look appealing:Family functions are like jackpot when you have cousins. It is the time when you can meet and have a good time with your cousin. You can enjoy playing video games or doing things that you love doing with your cousins. You can always go out and play without any worries. Also, you can enjoy your favourite dishes at the same time.

h) You have a personal advisor:Your cousins always bring out the best in you. They know your strength and weaknesses quite well. They are always there to give you the best advice.

Whether you are in the mid of a casual talk or on a long walk, you can always seek their advice. You can always dial their number irrespective of the time just for one simple reason that they really care for you and consider it a priority to help you in the best possible way.

i) They provide you the ultimate support:Cousins know you quite well and, therefore, they are one of the biggest supports of your life. They will be with you in your thick and thin. Moreover, since your families are related, therefore, both of you will have the same good and bad times. You can cry over their shoulders. They will never fail to lift you up when you are at your lows. When you feel like giving up, they will encourage you to take things forward.

j) They never break your trust :Cousins know what is best for you and what can help you in the long run and, therefore, are never afraid of telling you the truth. Even if the truth is a stinging one, they will make sure you are aware of it. They do this out of their experience with things in their personal life. At times, they might speak harsh truth to you, but they are your well-wishers.

Cousins can be your biggest fan and critic. They will love you unconditionally forever. It is a bond that will keep on passing to the generations to come. So now what are you waiting for? Go call your cousins, relive your sweet memories and make them feel special.

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