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10 Disney Princess Movies That Taught Us About Love and Relationship

All of us love the magic of Disney as it never fails to mesmerize us with its creativity. Disney moviesnot only gives us the glimpse of our childhood but also gives us lessons. Being a child we loved all the disney princess movies. The movies depicted love to be blind, pure and capable of withstanding the test of time.

Today we have brought 10 relationship lesson from the Disneyprincess movies:


1. Good Things Take Time

Frozen movie seemed to attract viewers quie easily. The music and the storyline of the movie were no less than a magic. But the best thing that the movie gave us is the lesson about falling in love too early can be sometimes heart breaking. In the movie, we saw how Anna fell in love with Prince Hans she just met and was betrayed later.

At last we learned, we should take time to know the one for whom we have developed liking. We should take things forward only when we are compatible with each other.

2. Be Yourself

Little Mermaid


The Little Mermaid movie is so beautiful. We got to see Ariel, a beautiful mermaid. Areil thought Prince Eric will love her only when she becomes a human. For this, she decides to give up her life as a mermaid and gain her human love. But she didn't realise the Prince loved her as a mermaid. Being a mermaid, made Ariel unique and that's what made the Prince fall for her. The movie taught us one should never change for accomodating someone else. Let people love you for what you are.

3. Have Faith In Love

Beauty and beast

The movie Beauty and Beast showed how a relationship can prosper if it has trust and is given time. In the movie, Beast releases Bella so that she could go to her sick father. Beast knew he was having quite less time to break the evil spell but he chose to let Bella go to her father. In return Bella came back to the castle and broke the spell.

4. True Love Find Its Way To You


Cinderella believed she could not go to the Ball as she didn't have beautiful dress and a carriage. She thought the prince would not even look at her. However, after she runs from the Ball at midnight leaving behind her glass slipper, she didn't know if the prince would find her. However, the prince took the glass slipper and at last found her even without even knowing her real identity.

5. Value Your Partner


In the movie Tangled, Flynn is a selfish and a mean person. He steals the royal crown and is somehow caught by Rapunzel. After he gets to know about Rapunzel, he starts to put her happiness before his own and cares for her. He begins to value her as he realizes Rapunzel brings the best in him.

6. Trust Your Friends

Snow White

In the movie Snow White, the seven dwarfs protected Snow White from the evil queen and looked after her. They gave her love and affection. They made sure Snow White is happy and safe with them. By this, they taught us the true meaning of friendship.

7. Money Can't Buy Love

In the movie Aladdin, Aladdin thinks being rich will help him to gain Jasmine's love and trust. He considered money to be more important. Later, he realised money can't buy love and true love is not a subject of being a rich person.

8. Life Is Not A FairyTale

The movie Pocahontas, taught us that life is not always a fairytale. Even though you and your partner have sizzling chemistry, there will be times when your love has to go through the test of time. In such situations, you need to trust yourself and your partner.

9. True Love Wins At Last

Snow White

In the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so many problems came in the way of the princess Snow White and the prince Florian. The evil spell was taking princess' life. But even after facing so many dificulties, prince rescues Snow White and breaks the evil spell.

10. Be Honest


In the movie Mulan, Sheng gets hurt and feels cheated when he comes to know that Mulan is pretending to be a man so that she could be a part of the army. The movie taught us how important it is to tell the truth to our partner. Even if the truth is painful, you should not hide it from your partner.

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